Hiyama Kiyoteru Compilation Album - Applications Open!

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    Application Form: https://goo.gl/forms/MfyE8AvbQJpjAid03
    BG Music by DystoP
    Artwork by @Rotten_Velvet

    Hiyama Kiyoteru's 8th anniversary of release is at the end of this year, on December 4th.
    To celebrate that, an overseas compilation album will be created to release on that day!
    This album will primarily need music producers, artists, and tuners who can render Kiyoteru's vocals. This means that you can still write a song, even if you don't own Kiyoteru yourself.
    In addition, other important roles like lyricists, video makers, promoters, and an album mastering engineer are also welcome!
    Anyone can apply to join the album. Applications open today, August 1st, and will close at the end of the month on August 31st.
    Let's celebrate our favorite vocaloid sensei!

    Q. Do I need to prepare a Kiyoteru song before applying?
    A. No, we will write all new songs for this album over the next few months.
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