How Is It?

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    This poem is about one of my friends that I will not name for privacy reasons. Thank you for reading ^-^

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    We started out awkward.
    You much older than I.
    Slowly we talked about what interested us, two of a kind.

    We became closer, and closer, and I felt a vibe.
    A feeling of happiness.
    Something boiling inside.

    Soon the feeling of your arms around me changed.
    And now I don't know.
    How is this relationship, or an I just being deranged?

    Now you take care of me and tend to my needs.
    Almost like you love me.
    But I'm still left guessing.
    Could you give me an answer, please?

    We do so much together, but you don't tilt one way.
    You stay in the middle, so that i can't put my finger on it.
    So that I can't say.

    So tell me, good sir, what do you feel?
    How is it, how is this relationship?
    Tell me, and we can seal the deal.

    How is it?

    ~ ~ ~ ~

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