How old were you when you found UTAU and Vocaloid?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by keiran h, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Ame。

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    at least 11-13.

    kill me.
  2. Anderson26

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    I know Vocaloid first in 10 years old.
    When I started to use Youtube, I saw a video that's Hatsune Miku sing. I really exiting!
    I go to know more about her. Then I download Vocaloid.
    After using Vocaloid, in that time, I don't know what is Japanese. So I download Oliver with English vociebank and young voice.
    I was bored after using vocaloid, it's sound so weird. I know I don't hate realistic voice but I feel that it too automaticially.
    Hard to let it song Vietnamese, I give up.
    One day, I surf Youtube and find Yuunari tutorial. I follow her point and it really interesting!
    Manually, that's what I want. You need to do all of thing to get the best result!
    Then I know you can use UTAU to make your own vociebank and I do my first vociebank.
    And now after 2 years, I can use utau really well.
    I'm 12 years old now :smile:
  3. WendytheCreeper

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    I was in middle school when I really got into and discovered Vocaloid and UTAU. It likely came off from looking at a whole bunch of Touhou stuff and finding Vocaloid stuff mixed in there. Back then I was a huge fan of the Macne banks haha. Alas, I couldn't make my first voicebank until high school because I didn't have a computer of my own.
  4. Damien

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    13, and now I am 14, but I've only been into utau for 7 months total. Similar with vocaloid.
  5. OnegaiKudasai

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    I knew about VOCALOID back when Ameba Pico had a promotion with Crypton :D I was 12

    (I remember that the first song I heard was Secret ~Black Vow~ by Hitoshizuku-P... RIP Mikubook you'll be missed)

    I can't remember when I stumbled upon UTAU though... Maybe a few months after that??
  6. Crystalline

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    [Warning! This post may have some dumb things that I committed when I was younger.
    Bear with me!]

    When I first heard of Utau, it was during the time I was curious about Vocaloids.

    I believe it was the year 2010? 2011?
    Not sure.

    What prompted me to research them was when I was interested in anime at the time.
    I was researching on the web for any anime I can find that I could watch.

    I found this character called Black Rock Shooter who was inspired by Miku Hatsune. Plus Miku's vocals were used for the character as well.

    As I clicked the link for Hatsune Miku, Black Rock sure did look like her. XD

    Anyway, I started learning about what Miku was and what she was about.
    I found out there were more of her kind, and so begins my research of Vocaloid.

    They were interesting in how lifelike and human they were for being androids.

    However, I didn't listen to their songs and voices until a year later.

    Before one year later, I learned about Teto Kasane and how she was the first Utau and Vocaloid.
    Or first Utau to gain Vocaloid status.

    I began to find out what Utau was.

    I didn't know what freeware meant at the time, so I just assumed it was a competitor for Vocaloid.

    Now a year later, in the year 2012, I began to listen to Vocaloid songs.

    My first Vocaloid song was World Is Mine by Miku.
    After that, it was Honey by Meiko Sakine.

    This Meiko was a young teenager derivative of herself, and the song was a MMD music video.

    It was at that point when watching that, I wanted to try MMD.

    Silly little me for thinking that MMD is a program for making Vocaloid models sing when it wasn't like that.

    But I enjoyed playing around with it, making the models move and dance.
    I was in fact good with it, but not professionally good.

    After that, I listened to more Vocaloid songs, plus Utau songs.

    I listened to Cantarella covers and English covers of songs used by Vocaloids and Utau.

    I also listened to Vocaloids and Utauloids singing Phantom of the Opera in English. A lot of them.
    Heh. I was in a Phantom of the Opera fan craze phase.

    At this point, I REALLY wanted a Vocaloid program that sings.
    But I found out that Vocaloid is expensive as it is shipped from Japan, and the shipping costs. :sad:

    I know there was a 50% or something sale on Engloids, as I loved the Engloids more than the Vocaloids, but I never ended up buying them. ;-; ;-;

    I ended up trying UTAU as it was the only option I had, plus it was free.

    I confess I wanted to try Polkaloid.
    But thank God and my computer that I ended up abandoning that idea.
    My computer refused to download it, and I quickly heard how illegal it was.

    Well, Utau wasn't so bad as I thought it was.
    But I was not creating a Utauloid.
    I was enjoying making Teto Kasane and Momo Momone sing.

    Even to this day, I still can't figure out how to make Defoko sing! XD

    I learned how to use UTAU by myself by finding out how to download and where.
    But the hands-on experience I learned is by changing the locale to Japanese on my computer.

    This allowed me to mess and play around with the controls while I made Teto and Momo sing.

    Lesson I learned?

    Tutorials are helpful.
    While it's good if you want to teach yourself how to use Utau for making the default Utauloids you have to sing, don't be afraid to learn a few tips from people.

    Especially since any new member can have a chance now, since I don't think there were tutorials on how to make an original Utauloid when I first started out. ( At least, not that I knew of.)

    There are even people who are veterans in using this program, so don't be afraid to ask.
    This forum is a great place to get tips and tricks.

    I'm already in the process of making a few Utauloids of my own. :smile:

    It's slow and steady, but it's so fun and creative since you're giving life to a vocal synthesizer of your own.

    Not like those blank slate Vocaloids we all know and love, huh? :wink:
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  7. SparkyPsychc

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    Lets see...
    Vocaloid at around 9
    and Utau at around 10.
    Strange, because the first vocaloid song i heard was iNSaNiTY and i liked it.
    I only have the chance to got back at utau just recently tho.
  8. Iris Dragonoure

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    I confess, I actually used Polkaloid even after knowing how illegal it was. After a while though(fortunately), the guilt of piracy crept up on me and I uninstalled it and the voicebanks. I never used it again.
  9. feloe

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    I remember for ages i was trying to find the name for Hatsune Miku. I finally learned what vocaloid was through the "elders react" at age 11. I found Utau not long afterwards and downloaded it. Anyway my parents deleted utau bc they thought it was a virus . Ive come back to using utau at 15, and im now 16...

    Its a shame i dont have as much experience ad i could have, but slowly and surely i suppose? :bigtears:
  10. Antonio Zurusaki

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  11. OnegaiKudasai

    OnegaiKudasai Teto's Territory Defender of Defoko

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    Uhh... I probably was 11 years old by that time... I had to look at the time when Mikubook was launched since that's where I first listened to those classic Vocaloid songs from that time ohohoho
    I think I first discovered and tried UTAU when I was 12?? The first UTAU I installed was Teto's, but I wasn't that interested in doing stuff with it by that time because back then I was obsessed with MMD (but I never posted anything about it 'cause I was unaware of the process of exporting)
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  12. zinfandel

    zinfandel Teto's Territory Supporter

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    I was about 13. I pretty much found out about it all in 1 day by YT searching Baka, and then found Triple Baka.
  13. rmL

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    I was 15 when I stumbled upon a random Vocaloid concert video. So yeah, the part about vocal synthesis interested me so I stayed. I think found out about UTAU a few months after and eventually started creating my own UTUAloid by then.

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