How Well Does Your UTAU Get Along with Other UTAU?

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How Well Does Your UTAU Get Along with Other UTAU?

  1. Very well

  2. Somewhat well

  3. So-so

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  1. Animé Fan

    Animé Fan Head of the Shonen Academy Defender of Defoko

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    Suppose your UTAU were to interact with other UTAU, whether it's UTAU you're already familiar with or new faces. How would your UTAU generally act around them? Feel free to be as simple or descriptive as you please. Don't forget to be honest but mindful too.

    Due to the disdain he faces all the time, Q.P. isn't one to easily open up to others and only stays close to those who actually respect him as a "living being".

    O.G.'s the most lenient of the XOTAloids and would get along with almost everybody. The only people he'd probably avoid are the ones who call themselves "proud perverts".

    The loner D.T. is rather judgmental when it comes to meeting new faces and doesn't fare well with popular people, but if he learns that there's more to a person, he eventually opens up to them.
  3. Mougeki Mero

    Mougeki Mero Defoko's Slaves Defender of Defoko

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    I think Mougeki Mero would stay silent and a bit distant. She would be nice whenever someone talk to her...except self-seeking people, she'd most likely be gross at those.

    My (upcoming) "Ryuko" Blair would judge people by their clothing and she could even act snob. However is one is a client of her (she is a stylist) she'd be fake and act nice...She is not 100% bad, but she is the "Judging before knowing"
  4. Rei-Chan

    Rei-Chan Ruko's Ruffians Defender of Defoko

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    Towards new UTAU, Reicheru Nintone would be outgoing and kind toward the individual in question. She is not quick to judge, and gives everyone the respect that they deserve. However, she can be a little overwhelming.

    With familiar UTAU, she is rather obnoxious and silly, and would occasionally let loose a fact of some sort that is Nintendo related. She would gladly treat her friends by buying things for them, or a 1 v 1 session of Super Smash Bros.
  5. Izua

    Izua Teto's Territory Defender of Defoko

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    Ryoko is kind of a shy and introverted person. She has social anxiety so interacting with new people can be hard and cause her to back away a bit at first, but she gets pretty clingy and bubbly with those she's comfortable with. Sounon generally prefers to trust others and he's a MAAAJOR social butterfly. He's the kind of person who'll pull people into impromptu conversations at random just to get them involved, and he does his best to make the socially awkward ones like Ryoko feel at ease. So I'd say both of them get along with others pretty well but with Sounon being the extroverted gentleman, he definitely handles social situations much better lol
  6. RaccoonButler

    RaccoonButler Founder of The Church of Mawarine Shuu Defender of Defoko

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    Tarou is a huge pushover and really too eager to please people so he gets along with others well but he succumbs to peer pressure too easily. He also tends to put people off by how excited and affectionate he is. Though he is extroverted he actually has social anxiety since he worries what others think of him so much. Since he's so insecure he tends to think people don't like him and sometimes wrongly thinks they want him to leave them alone so it's hard for him to keep friends.

    Taiga secretely wants to be friends with people but because she has such a cruel sense of humor, is very jealous and tends to be very insensitive she doesn't get along with anyone very well at all, so she acts like she doesn't care about anyone, pretends to hate everyone and want nothing to do with them. But in reality she's just afraid that she'll be an inadequate friend. A lot of the time she'll say things that she thinks are funny and sees nothing wrong with, but are actually mean and hurt people's feelings without her knowledge, so when people tell her off she's usually defensive and angry but secretely too hurt and proud to apologize.
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  7. Kiyohime

    Kiyohime Teto's Territory Defender of Defoko

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    Not that well. It's cannon that she is friend's with my friend's UTAU. But other than that... no.
    MeGami -my utau-, is the embodiment of a narcissistic, edgy, sex-addicted, grotesque character. For the sake of humor. In real life a person like that would have zero friends and a social outcast. So I don't bother with her being friends with other UTAU.

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