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    I just finished watching the anime yesterday so I thought I would share it here.

    Hyouka starts with Oreki Houtarou, who prefers to have a gray-colored life and conserving energy, getting a letter from his older sister requesting him to join the memberless Classics Club. Entering the club room, he finds Chitanda Eru, a top student from their batch, looking out the window, saying that she joined the club. Oreki's friend Fukube Satoshi and his close friend Ibara Mayaka joins the club as well.
    With Chitanda's avid curiosity, Oreki can't refuse her requests to solve the mysteries that pipe up her interest...

    What makes this anime a nice watch is not only its beautiful animation and effects but also how the character interaction is well done. The plot apparently sticks to the light novels while adding extra bits into it.

    The story may be slow but it's a nice watch seeing how it flows nicely and freshly.

    I recommend this to those who want a good, refreshing slice of life/mystery watch/read with some slips of romance.


    The anime is finished with 22 episodes which cover 4 of the 5 light novels.

    A manga based on the anime is being run with more than 5 volumes but with slow scanlating updates in manga sites.

    The light novels are slowly being translated in Baka Tsuki and can be read here: www.baka-tsuki.org/project/?title=Hyouka
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    Ah, it was on TV! I never got around to watching it, but it seemed really good.

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