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    Haiyaaaaa~! My name is Chisanana Yawarakane (Call me Nana for short) and I'm an un-professional voice actor and UTAUloid voicer. I voice UTAUloids who don't have voicers and really need em! I don't ask for any kind of pay, it's totally free and you don't need to trade me anything either :3
    Now I bet that you might be thinking "but won't all the UTAU you voice sound the same ToT?" well, I can change my voice to many different tones, pitches, and types :D so you don't need to worry about that :D

    Here are some UTAUloids I've Voiced:

    Nana NekoRe, my own UTAUloid, Designed, created, and voiced by me https://soundcloud.com/nanamasterofcute/meltdown-nana-nekore

    Roarii, an UTAUloid owned, designed, and created by s33a, voiced by me

    And I'm currently working on another Female UTAU named Adaloid :3

    Here are the voice types of which have not yet been used for any UTAUloids:

    DEEP (This is natural, no pitch editing done) https://soundcloud.com/nanamasterofcute/guess-whooooooooooo

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