I want to know the members of the forum!

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Maxii_1, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Hey there!

    I have already introduced myself but I'm Maxii and I want to know this forum's members better and make friends here! Tell me about you as much as you want! :smile:

    Note: I don't really know if this is the right category to post this, if it isn't, sorry.
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    This is the ideal subforum for a conversation like this. I'd say you placed it in the proper location, so no need to worry about that!

    I read through your introductory thread but there doesn't seem to be much information there. I'll write a bit about myself and if you're interested with replying with some things about yourself I'm interested in reading.

    I've been in the vocal synthesis fandom since 2011 and I've been on UtaForum since 2013 (I had a different account long before this one). I mainly used Vocaloid from 2012 - 2015 with UTAU sort of as a small side hobby in 2013. I hadn't recorded my own UTAU and I never planned to do so either, because I felt like my voice would be too awkward. But in 2015, a new English method called VCCV came into play and my interest absolutely piqued. My interest in English UTAU banks has been my prime reason for wanting to be involved in UTAU ever since, and in 2015 I recorded my UTAU's first English bank. That bank didn't see the light of day for a long time, and I re-recorded it on a different microphone in 2017.

    My UTAU is named TYPE A, and he's a dragon boy.
    His primary focus is English, but he does have a few Japanese banks, too. Admittedly, I've not been putting enough time into them...
    He has an unreleased VCV, which I think I will release after I add a couple more things to it (or maybe I won't add more things, I'm undecided).

    Here's an English sample.

    And here's a Japanese sample.
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