If Ameya ever updates UTAU, what new features would you want added?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by melodicake, Dec 11, 2016.

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    I did some testing with UTAU-Synth and was able to reach 2^20 lines (about a million) without loss of functionality. However, it did start getting very laggy, so I didn't go much further. I imagine the limit is higher still. (On PC UTAU the limit is 2^15, or about 32k lines)
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    There is ton of ease of life ideas I have always had for this program. I would love native vsqx support, a modern UI, a built in tool to make VB/Plugin install zips, usability in any locale and a VST(i) plugin for the most part.

    There are some more in depth ideas that I have had more recently and would like to share. Though most of these would probably require a major revision to UTAU or setting up a different service to work most likely. That being said these ideas are user perspective then from a programmer prospective.

    (Resampler Handling Improvements)

    One of my major thoughts, was If there was a way for resamplers to look as if they were a part of UTAU and not a separate CMD box.
    Note the CMD box is default colors and the resampler shows as a separate program since it is.
    Note that the CMD appears to be part of UTAU. Not sure if this is possible to code it like this, but it does look more aesthetically pleasing and could be less jarring to first time users. Since more novice PC users tend to associate a CMD prompt opening out of nowhere with malware altering their system. Though that is kind anecdotal to say.
    Also would be nice if the UTAU could recognize other Resamplers and you could change them in a drop down like the voicebanks. If voicebanks could be associated with specific resamplers and base flags saved to the OTO.ini.

    (Voicebank Handling Improvments)

    "Property of Voicebank" adjustments would be nice as well. Just adding more functionality, copyright security, and customization like:
    • Hyperlinks to be able to redirect users to websites/social media to contact VB Creators or get character references
    • Color coordination in relation to the VB Character color scheme.
    • Adding in multiple samples, that have a stop function in case its to long
    • UTAU being able to recognize when a VB is first being used, and opens a TOS/EULA box for the voicebank. Where the ToS/EULA is made by the VB Creator.

    (Voicebank Download Changes)

    This actually would work better as a separate program (maybe called something like UTAsync or something), but a native functionality in UTAU could make for a better experiance.

    Another feature I always thought would be useful if there was a VB DL manager for UTAU, similar to skyfonts. That way voicebanks could be uploaded to a database, then revisioned if needed, and then that revision be updated in the user's copy either automaticlly or manualy.
    Best Example: you release a MultiPitch VCV, but somehow you didn't notice that a string isnt in the correct pitch. Instead of uploading a new bank, you can just upload a new akakikukeko_F2 and OTO.
    This feature though would need other things to go along with it, like allowing the end user to set whether or not they want to save a specific revision. Or being able to save custom OTO settings and swap them on the fly.

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