If there was one thing you would tell newcomers, what would it be?

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Shasta, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. Shasta

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    As the title says, what about UTAU (fandom or software,) would you want all newcomers to know? It can be more than one thing, just in general. What do you want all newcomers to know when they start using UTAU?

    Personally, I'd tell them to not get discouraged and watch who they vent to. You can't trust everyone, but there are people out there who will listen. Venting to the wrong person can get you in one heck of a situation. With that being said, it's not ok to keep it all bottled up. Join discord server and make friends with fellow users. Fellow users are the best way to get help with pretty much anything.
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  3. Kiyoteru

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    I think the most important thing that I try to tell everyone is to have fun. UTAU is a hobby, and there's not much point in a hobby you don't enjoy. Want to record a monopitch CV? Great! Want to record 20 pitches of CVVC? Awesome! Want to leave your UTAU character-less? Cool! Want to create a crazy deep backstory and then have your UTAU get married to a Vocaloid? Same, bro! (I am really not kidding at all about this bit.) We're all in this to have fun, and nobody is better or worse than anyone for deciding to do their own thing. The only thing that can make this not fun is when people aren't treating other people with respect. That, and sometimes people get tired and don't really want to do UTAU anymore, and that's also fine.
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  4. legolasorbraceface

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    If I were to say anything to a new tile user I would say
    1. Don't be afraid of not making a perfect vb. You use the knowledge you've obtained from working on them to improve your future releases.

    2. Go at your own pace. Everyone works at their own speed, and if you put a lot of time in your work, it will show.

    3. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. That's all a part of the fun!

    4. Take breaks if you need or want to. If it's not fun, then why do it?

    5. Make friends but don't trust them completely right away because some people just want to steal from and/or take advantage of you.

    6. If you're going to ask for concept art, and oto, etc. for a vb, make sure you give the person doing it something in exchange. Otherwise it's just not fair.

    7. Do your best to not seek attention. It won't be fun and it will only lead to frustration, and you probably won't get the attention you want.

    8. Always put your real life before your status in the Utau community. Good people will understand if you have to leave because of a super important thing happening IRL. If they complain, then they aren't worth paying attention to.

    9. If someone gives you constructive criticism, consider taking it. If it's real constructive criticism, then it's meant to help you, not tear you down.

    10. If you didn't make something you're using, ALWAYS credit the person who did. I don't care if it's a song, UST, remix, voicebank, piece of art, etc. CREDIT THE CREATOR.

    Wow. I actually had a lot more to say than I thought I would. Maybe I'll make a YouTube video to elaborate on each one.
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  5. Oblivion772

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    It doesn't have to be good. Just try.

    Don't get all up in your collars. It's an easy way to make enemies.

    And sing when you're recording. It doesn't need to be perfectly on pitch, but singing and even changing your tone at certain points can give your utau a distinct style. Also singing the recordings helps with the realism.

    And you don't NEED a good microphone. If you don't have money to spend, sing in your closet with you and your recording device under a blanket. (And use a very mild noise reduction) Or walk somewhere nice and secluded.
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  6. Chianachini

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    I'd like to encourage you to do this. We have a lot of beginner tutorials about using the software, but no tips like this.

    To add to the discussion, art is very challenging! Practice really helps, but you have to be really active to improve. Don't be discouraged and keep trying; you'll be so proud of yourself when you see improvement.

    You don't have to commit to traditional art, either. It could be 3D! Start by playing with MMD parts to see if you enjoy the concept and then try to make some parts on your own.
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  7. Soursop the fruit

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    It's ok if you can't speak english perfectly, but don't ever be afraid to talk to us and make language mistakes!
    Take 2-3 sentences out from your mind cause we'd like to hear it.
    We appreciate your effort and courage to try cause that's a big step for wider knowledge. We'll try to understand and correct them if you need it!

    I'm not a native english myself, i make grammar mistakes sometimes, but i always try to be better so dun be afraid guys!~
  8. kimchi-tan

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    If you're using UTAU just for popularity, this community is not for you. UTAU is a niche stemmed from a niche (Vocaloid) so this is the wrong place to be expecting fame as you will be disappointed.

    Always remember the reason why you wanted to use UTAU in the first place. Wanted to use your favorite voicebanks? Go straight for it and make your favorites sound amazing! Wanted to make a high-quality voicebank? Continuously train your voice to get that perfect tone! Wanted make a bunch of memes with UTAU? Meme on, my friend!

    Always remember those reasons and using UTAU will never be boring for you :wink:
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  9. Ti Pai

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    I suppose I'd tell them to take in as much advice as possible if they're looking to get better. Some people like to learn by themselves as they go along, but all-the-while there are so many talented and long-time UTAU users who are willing to help if asked, so take the chance!
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  10. _caustic_

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    Don't go on deviantArt for tutorials
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  11. RaccoonButler

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    Have you heard of our lord and savior mawarine shuu

    No, but I'd probably say, don't bite off more than you can chew. It's better to start small and work your way up in terms of making a vb, don't expect to make the world's greatest vcvcvvc multipitch powerscale right off the bat. Look to the greats for inspiration but remember that rome wasn't built in a day and we all start somewhere. They've all been users for a long while, it takes time to learn and we all have our pace, so don't feel inadequate or rushed.
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  12. Dangosan

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    Please change the comma to a point in your regional settings. Having the wrong decimal symbol will result in rendering glitches.
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  13. Haichou

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    A lot of what I was going to say is already here, so I'm sorry if I accidentally repeat something!

    One of the most important things is to just be yourself. If you're someone who wants to put yourself out there, you don't have to be the same as everyone else. You'll have the most fun and the most motivation by trying what you want to try instead of trying to follow the "UTAU standards" that seem to be so prevalent in the community.

    Another thing: don't be afraid! There's all kinds of different people here, but most of us are friendly and won't be extremely rude to you if you make a mistake, ask a question, or post a cover/experiment. There's always going to be haters; thankfully, there aren't too many here.

    And if this makes any sense, here's my last tip: think of the community in general as a family or a school club. For the most part, we're pretty close. Word gets around quickly and many people will become good friends through using UTAU. That being said, try to stay out of drama. That's one of the few things here (not just UF) that explodes into chaos. That happens anywhere, but this is a smaller community, so it really spreads quickly.
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  14. Mochacchino

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    Don't be scared to cover songs that have already been covered, even with the same voicebank. Don't discredit yourself if the song has already been covered (This also goes for UST/MIDI releases of songs.) And don't feel discouraged if people don't like your stuff. You can only improve from starting out, even if it may seem slow.
    Don't feel expected, or expect others to always come out with godly tuning/mixing abilities. It causes unnecessary stress. Enjoy and appreciate yourself, and what you create.
    (Sorry if I repeated anything OTL)
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  15. Damien

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    I'd say "Welcome to UtaForum!"
  16. IrisFlower

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    I would say:

    Don't let people who are better than you discourage you or stop you from branching out and trying new things.

    99% of the time, that really talented artist or user has been at it for years already. You're just starting. Of course your stuff isn't going to be nearly as "good". But do it anyway. We ALL have to start somewhere. Make that art. Compose that song. Write that fanfiction. That user is not you. You are not them. You both have equally important and different things to offer to this community.

    And someone out there is waiting for and will appreciate that thing you have to create.
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