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    This is the first forum I've ever joined! (Unless of course Tumblr counts as a forum...) I've been a Vocaloid fan since 2009 so this fandom has been with me for a very long time! As it goes I'm beginner in Utau so I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of weeks trying to learn everything I can about it.

    I'm a full-time college student, though my first semester isn't going very well and I'm trying to avoid having to get a part time job. The short of things is that I'm pretty stressed at the moment and I thought joining this forum would be a way for me to pick up Utau as a hobby and meet new people.

    Despite that CV is the recommended choice for beginners I'm starting with Arpasing first as I've always wanted to create an English bank. I hope that with Utau I can create music that everyone likes and unique stories that people will enjoy. With that said I'm always open to recommendations and better ways to do things so if any long time users have advice I would really love to hear it!

    Thank you for reading this post I hope I can become good friends with you all,
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