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    Kevin Futarine STUDIO VP2 is a new voicebank pack for Kevin Futarine STUDIO.
    Kevin STUDIO has several voicebanks

    VP1 (released 21/08/2015):
    - A Japanese VCV-VC & VCV
    - An English Full CVVC
    - A French CVVC with 4 pitches
    - A set of 3 japanese CV-VC (Sharp/Neutral/Sensual)

    His voicebanks can be found here:

    or here Kevin Futarine STUDIO

    VP2 (French only) (Released 28/04/2015)
    - 4CVVC+ Multibank (CORE + Sensual + Frozen + Passion)
    - Neutral (Core) CVVC+
    - Frozen CVVC+
    - Sensual CVVC+
    - Passion CVVC+
    His voicebanks can be found here:

    or here: Kevin Futarine STUDIO

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