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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by Zoku, Jan 13, 2017.

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    Want a fancy looking name for your UTAU or a nice logo for your project? Want branding that looks beautiful and attractive?

    Then hello! I'm Zoku, and I'm opening up logo commissions!

    I produce typography-based, high quality logos that can be yours for a few bucks! I'll work directly with you in order to give you exactly what you want! I'm all for getting everything perfect.

    My base prices are as follows:
    • $8 USD - Text-only logo (see Equinox and Naminone Jikan example)
    • --> +$1 USD for handwritten parts
    • $10 USD - Text logo with handmade graphics (see VS example)
    • Note: prices may increase or decrease, depending on amount of work needed to produce the logo.
    I'm even up for negotiations. I'll go as low as $3.50 USD if you're in a tight spot!

    Wanna get started? PM me here, or DM me on twitter: @zokun_

    EXAMPLES so you have an idea about what I can do!:

    Thank you for reading and taking interest in my commissions! :smile:

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