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Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by tetodash, Dec 3, 2019.

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    I was thinking about how a lot of western UTAU sound really similar and don’t stand out very much. But there are some Western UTAU that have stood out for sounding unique or have an interesting design that really makes them stand out. The first UTAU I thought of when I think of being unique are Nitton and UFOko for their designs. There’s other western UTAU that are popular for one reason or another but a lot of those just aren’t all that memorable. I actually love Akio Kikuyu for her voice. It’s unique because most female western UTAU have a pretty mid range voice and Akio’s is much deeper than most of them. It still manages to sound good when singing lower songs and a lot of western female voice banks seem to struggle when going lower. What are some western UTAU that you think are cool unique?
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    I'm honestly a huge fan of any UTAU not made in Japan - not to say I dislike ones made in Japan, because I do like them, I just tend to see/interact more with UTAU made by people that are not in Japan.

    Pretty much all my friends UTAU are really neat!
    It's hard for me to pick favorite favorites, but Haru Torres stands out to me!
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    It's a bit strange to be calling them "Western", because geographically, there are billions of people living on the Eastern hemisphere of the world, and I'm sure you're trying to refer to non-Japanese in general. In your distinction, would you consider China and Korea to be "Eastern UTAU"? How about Southeast Asia, like countries such as the Philippines or Singapore where most people speak English? Are Australian voicebanks an Eastern or Western UTAU?

    That aside, one of my favorites is an American UTAU named KYE. His tone of voice and pronunciation in both English and Japanese banks is very strong and pretty much only suited to loud, energetic, mostly rock music. Specificity of genre really helps him to stand out among other similarly high quality multipitch male voicebanks.
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    Well, one of my favorite english VBs is Alyx. Idk why but her voice is just so nice.

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