"Muting" chat colors?

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by partial, May 1, 2017.

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    This is going to be an odd question, and I don't really expect a feature like this to exist, but I'll ask anyway.

    I have a major astigmatism in my right eye, and a slightly less terrible one in my left. This causes me to see repeats of the same lines of text, one on top of the other, making everything a huge mess, and (I'm not sure if this is normal) causes me to see blue borders on bright red or pink or orange text. It gets very difficult to read what's going on in the chatbox sometimes.

    Since no glasses I've ever had have been able to ward off my terrible eye sight completely, I've been having a harder and harder time focusing on what I'm reading when it's a splash of rainbow colors.

    So I was wondering if there were any features that could be implemented for an individual user to sort of "mute", or switch off, colors that are not the defaults of a skin. Obviously, it should only affect those who turn colors off, and not those who have them on.

    Would something like this even be possible?
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    I actually like the sound of this feature, and it probably wouldn't be impossible to implement.
  4. partial

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    I brought it up simply because the rainbow colors are becoming too much of a hindrance to my sight. I don't really expect anyone to implement something like this, and they'll probably tell me it's a useless feature anyway.

    But I just thought I'd try.
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    There was news some time ago about getting an entire new chat plug-in - it would not have colors at all. I know little about the site, but it's probably out of admin's capabilities to add this feature.
  6. partial

    partial Guest

    Well, like I said.....I'm expecting a solid "no" anyway, given the answers I've seen in the support forum in the past. I'm sure I'll be told to deal with it, and I guess it's rather ridiculous to expect to be accommodated when it's only me with this problem.
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    I don't even have sight problems and I find the chat tends to be hard to read sometimes.
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    I have this same problem, except in my left eye : ' D I also apparently see a lot more color than most eyes, so really neon blues and yellows hurt to read : ' D Maybe even being able to block certain colors rather than all would be a nice addition
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  9. partial

    partial Guest

    I just wish there was a way to mute, or disable (per user) the rainbow the chat always seems to be.

    It's incredibly distracting, and even moreso for people who have sight in which lines of text repeat on top of each other. Such a muddy mess of colors, or even a thousand lines of the same bright color, cause massive headaches for me. I have to highlight the chat to even try to read it. I have provided a mock-up image of my sight, and why this is a problem for me.

    It isn't that all the text color being default will make anything clearer for me, it just is much less headache inducing to stare at and read, since depending on the time of day my vision is better or worse. Seeing a splurge of colors like this is very headache inducing, and it would be very helpful to me personally if I could minimize the color distractions while I try to make sense of what I see.

    This is really only an issue in the chatbox because it's the only place where there are a ton of colors happening at a time.

    @admin or whoever will reply
    You may just tell me to get new glasses, and yeah, I do need new ones, but this is an issue that no glasses have ever been able to fully prevent.
  10. na4a4a

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    For the most part the best themes to use are the Defoko theme thanks to it's dark background and any themes with a near white background.

    Have you tried opening a popout chat window and then zooming it? it may help on some screens.

    Depending on your browser some extensions may be available to make viewing easier.

    This is a color enhancing plugin.

    This is a triggerable greyscale plugin.

    This is a tool to enhance, invert, or filter colors.

    This is a style stripper that optionally removes background images and can remove/replace text.
    Most of the selection is far and few between for Firefox as many of the addons haven't been updated so that's all I know of for Firefox.

    Hopefully these are of use to you.

    Edit: Unfortunately due to how the chat works it's not possible to add in a mute chat feature. The chat is a Xenforo plugin with a limited set of features so I'm fairly certain Hentai wouldn't be able to offer a change.
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  11. partial

    partial Guest

    The gray scale tool actually helps out a lot. Thank you!

    It's much easier for me to process different shades of gray as opposed to blue mixed with pink (as per lines repeating), ect.

    This works for now, thank you!!
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  12. 수연 <Suyeon>

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    I have astigmatism as well (far-sighted in the left, near-sighted in the right, without glasses everything is a headache inducing blur). For ease of reading I use any of the following tools in Firefox (it's dependent on the situation - sorry, I can't provide any Chrome equivalents since I rarely use any Webkit/Chrome based browsers)...

    - Night Mode Pro: you can either invert the entire page itself or [in day mode] shift the brightness. For example, an all white background on white text, would turn more grayish with day mode on and the brightness scaled down, but on night mode, it would be white text on black.

    - Userstyles: after installing, go to userstyles.org to find various settings that can be applied (some styles effect every page you visit, while others are specific to youtube, tumblr, twitter, facebook, etc.). There's plenty of settings for white-on-black where the rainbow text shouldn't be an annoyance (and should be less straining for sites that are traditionally black-on-white). You can turn these settings on and off at will either through the button in the add-on bar/navigational bar or through the add-on manager.
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