My Heart Means More (To Me Than You)

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    This Poem Is Written By Kitsuyeo315, If You Use It For Anything At All, Please Credit Kitsuyeo315 As The Creator. Do Not Edit. Editing Does Not Make It Yours.
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    ~ ~ ~ ~

    If people fall in love, I fell face-first onto the floor for you.
    It was a subtle, hot feeling in my chest that set my mind on fire.

    I did everything I could to get you to notice me.
    I helped you, I talked to you, I did everything.

    I finally released what had been boiling in me.
    The feelings I just couldn't keep to myself.

    Our feelings mixed as you also set yours free, and we joined hands.
    It felt like pure happiness, walking through life not alone, but together.

    Love was a lie, and so were you.
    You didn't care about me, I realized that early in the game.

    If this was true love, I didn't believe in it.
    I wanted it to end.

    I handed my heart over to you, for you to hold and cherish.
    But you didn't do any such thing with it.

    You toyed with it, used it against me.
    You manipulated me.

    After so long, I had made up my mind.
    I'm sorry, but my heart means more to me than you do.

    I grab hold of it and pack my bags, yelling as I slam the door.
    I was ending it right now.

    My heart was more important to me than your ego.
    Than your pretty face.
    Than your money.
    Than your fame.
    Than you.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    I hope you enjoyed it ^_^

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