My True Feelings #1

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by Mei-Saime, Jun 20, 2018.

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    I've never thought that I'd talk about something I've heard about, but I have to explain some stuff. (might delete this later but who knows)

    I've heard that many people though that my UTAU group Azure Voice Studio was ran by the guy who started the whole A/E drama fiasco back in the day and many have pointed it out that I should change the group name to avoid that. I wanted to share this SC post as a way to state that I'm not the person people assume that I am. I'm a female going into my second year of college with already worrying about funds. I've never affiliated with that person's company nor have I've heard of it aside from the drama. This is only me managing these 5-7 UTAU and also the official site that they currently have and having to go back to change the name from all of them is more stressful and a bit heart breaking as it is since I've worked really hard to make it happen cause I wanted to continue UTAU from back when it was small. I wanted to push myself. This is not a rant, but I just wanted to explain that I'm not the person people assume that I am. Also, this speech wasn't scripted as it was my true feelings so sorry of I slur and mess up alot.
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