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Discussion in 'Song Covers' started by dionn1993, Jun 5, 2019.

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    This is just testing out my latest wip English Utau bank. Currently, I only have 1081 vocal options to use. With, 467 strung samples. I'm currently updating him to have more cvc and vc samples . So far this is how his english sounds. Singing the Pokemon XY Kiseki theme- (sorry I mixed it with headphones . So headphones are recommended.)

    An I know this may be iffy being I have a thick accent. I tried to show Zannon can sing in spanish -

    I'd appreciate any feedback. I will have his bank released sometime this week (maybe). I still wanna work out some kinks. An pay for a new model since, the old model is 8 years old now XD

    So I need to stop procrastinating with this. So I'm working extra jobs. To release the bank with a new model.

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