Need a dress! *MMD Model request*

Discussion in 'MMD Downloads' started by Yandaz, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Yandaz

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    Could some one please make the dress she is wearing from this video? And maybe the silver ankle bracelet too?

    I'm willing to draw you something if you do. c:
    I'm doing a PV with my character and I couldn't even find a dress that fit her so yeah.

    1. Needs to be made for LAT Models. Please I'd rather not sit there for hours and try to resize it to fit. ;n;
    2. I will give credit to you in the PV. C:

    If the outfit is already made, please tell me! I've been looking for ages!
    Thanks! <3
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    Do you still want this? I've already got a few models I'm working on, so this would be a bit low on the priority list. I'm also going though personal problems and not doing much work on models at the moment, but if I can find parts (which I think I will) I could start work on this in maybe a month?

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