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Discussion in 'Voicebank Updates' started by Hentai, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Since "Community News" is STILL a fairly popular feature on the UTAU Wikia, in an effort to raise awareness about this feature and encourage it's use on the new wiki,, I have added RSS syndication to both UtaForum in the form of the new "UTAU News" subforum and Engloids.Info where the feed displays in the sidebar.

    If you would like to promote your own news as a member of the community I invite everyone to visit and use the "Post News" function. The primary reason for this new section is to help promote the wiki but if you want to post your news yourself and don't want @Defoko Bot to syndicate it Defenders of Defoko & Supporters have the ability to post their news directly.

    Since comments are borked on the news section of the wiki, consider this the official way to discuss community news items. Thanks for your time and consideration. Hope to see you all use this new feature in the future!

    - Hentai
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