Vocaloid New EP, "In Bloom", preorders available!

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Will you pre-order the physical version?

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    Pre-order here!

    Hello everyone! Kenji-B here.
    A lot of the information I wanted to talk about is already in the video, but I wanted to add some things. (Disclaimer: This is my first time attempting to provide physical copies, so I don't yet know how long everything will take.)

    First, regarding the physical version, I need the 20 pre-orders of the physical version by the end of November so I have time to have the physical copies produced and shipped to me, and for me to prepare everything for shipping to their individual locations.
    I'll go ahead and pay for any missing costs if I get 15 pre-orders of the physical version, but if I get at least 20 I'll be able to pay for most if not all of it and still have money left over to distribute the album on iTunes and stuff.

    If the physical version doesn't happen, then I'll refund you back to the digital version. V_V; The physical version includes the digital download, and I can't prevent that.

    Second, the EP includes 1 unlisted track that is an additional version of the final track. That track is the source of the mysterious unannounced voice. This track is ONLY included in the digital download (which comes with the physical copy anyways). The only reason this extra track isn't on the CD is to not confuse anyone listening to it when they hear what sounds like the same song play again.

    Finally, the four-panel insert may become a two-panel insert with less information if money is too much of an issue, but I'll try to keep the four-panel insert a thing.

    And again...
    Pre-order the EP here: http://nostraightanswer.bandcamp.com/album/in-bloom
    Digital version: $4
    Limited run, signed physical copy: $8 + Shipping

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