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    hi!! i'm an old Vocaloid fan and i've been experimenting with UTAU for a few months now. i'm still,, not good, haha. but i want to improve, and hopefully i'll learn more stuff here. to be honest i'm kinda nervous right now since i don't join forums that often, but i hope i'll get to meet plenty of nice people on here! :uhuhu:

    it's nice to meet you all!
    (btw can any of you suggest some cool english UTAU vbs? there's a lot listed on the wiki and i'm kinda lost on finding what I want. so, yea, some recommendations would be nice!)
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    Welcome to UF!! Our chat has died down a little bit but feel free to hit us up in the DMs anytime, we're all friendly here!

    I loooove English UTAU so much so I can give you a whole list based on voice type, but then we'd be here all day, so I'll give you just a small handful of my favorites. I don't use arpasing though, so these are all VCCV:
    • Kumi Hitsuboku (my go-to for a higher female)
    • AIDA (male)
    • Equinox (male)
    • Mimi Yorune is pretty unique! (female)
    • Mona Minarai - but i haven't had a use for her ;_; her voice is so unique?? i can't even (female)
    • AL!CE.16 (female)
    • Hanami (female)
    i haven't heard many bad male banks though so like. 80-90% of the time if you find a vccv english male bank it's usually really good. like, really good.

    I can go on but I'd take up the entire page LOL

    welcome tho!! always nice to see a new member <3
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