Notes Cutting Of Prematurely in UST's (SOLVED)

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    Hi! I've recently had a problem where some notes of mine would be cut off prematurely when plugged into some USTs, and this is currently happening to my kyo/きょ key on my CV voicebank. I've tried resetting the envelopes, changing my resampler, and rerecording the note but it does not work. I've also opened the key separately in a different UST and it has worked perfectly, so it is not my otoing that's the problem. I was wondering if there was an easy fix to it, or if i had to fix the envelopes manually? Or maybe at least figure out what was the stem of the problem I am having.
    I am also using moresampler, so is there perhaps a fix related to the resampler that I could do?

    Example of the note being cut off in the ust: (it is the o key, it's supposed to be kyo)
    Example of the note as it usually is, outside of the ust:

    My OTO:
    Note compared to the others in the UST:

    The UST I'm using currently:

    If you need any more information I will reply and send it your way ASAP!
    Thanks for your help! Hopefully i can solve this! :sing:

    UPDATE: Sorry, I just realized I wiped the envelopes instead of resetting them, and that was the root of the problem. Mistake on my part!
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