Notice: Server Upgrade & DNS Changes Completed (09/26/2019)

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    If you are reading this message then your DNS has successfully updated and now points to the new server.

    If your friends can not see this message then they are still on the old server and will still get the "mantance mode" message. If their DNS doesn't update automatically within the next few hours they may need to flush their DNS.

    Reasons for the server upgrade is I am consolidating various projects I host onto a single, more powerful, server
    rather than multiple smaller shared/reseller/vps plans. It lowers overall costs for me and should give UtaForum more room to grow.

    UtaForum is by far the largest site I host and previously we were at 17GB of our 20GB SSD cap so our old hosting account was getting kinda cramped. Decided to optimize all my infrastructure if I was upgrading anyway. Enjoy the new server~
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