(OPEN) Phantom Thief F UTAU Collab!

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    This is a cross post for a friend who does not have a UF account. Please refer to the original DeviantArt journal for updates. I will try to catch them and edit them into this post myself but it's advised to check the source regularly as well!

    If you do not have Discord/Twitter/DeviantArt, you can reply here to this thread and I'll pass the message on.

    Hi! I'm looking for people to participate in a collab of the song Phantom Thief F's Scenario Mystery of the Missing Diamond.

    -You will have to tune your own part
    -VCV or CVVC preferred

    Leave a comment with a sample of the UTAU you plan on using and an example of your tuning. If those two are in the same audio file, that's okay. I'll send you a note with the UST(s) you're going to be tuning if i pick your UTAU. I'm not picky, I just want to be sure I can use your tuning. I will be mixing.

    The deadline is 9/1/18, please have your rendered .wav files noted to me by then. If you cannot meet the deadline, let me know at least a week in advance of the deadline.

    This post will probably be cross posted, so if you don't have a DeviantArt account, my Twitter tag is @SafiWho and my Discord tag is Safi#9043

    Thank you!

    Miku - Shei (Safi)
    Len - TYPE A (Partial)
    IA - OPEN
    Luka - A'una (Safi)
    Gackpo - OPEN
    Rin - OPEN

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