OREMO and SetParam for Linux

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    I found this while sniffing around the Internets for an UTAU alternative for Linux:
    The entire OREMO toolkit, ported to Linux by Isengaara-P.
    Mimirobo-P usually releases his software under free software licenses, thus OREMO can be modified and distributed freely. What's better, the whole toolkit is programmed in Tcl/Tk, thus it's very easy to port to Linux and BSD.
    Please note that you need the Tcl/Tk environment and Snack for Tcl/Tk in order to run both OREMO and SetParam. To run it, run
    wish /whatever/nwptools/oremo/source/oremo.tcl
    in terminal. Substitute "whatever" with the path OREMO is extracted to.
    Oh, and don't give a proprietary license to this piece of software. This is an obligation in the GNU GPL.
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