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    Chapter One: This is the Gang
    Lulu came home from a long day of recording. She set her belongings on the table and walked into the living room. She wasn't surprised to see that Melody was still fast asleep on the couch. Just the night before Melody was out from night to dawn with Zelda. Lulu couldn't help but giggle as her singing partner tossed and turned, mumbling in her sleep. Lulu decided to let her be and proceeded to her own bedroom for a little evening composing.

    Lulu was a short but creative girl of the age 16. She loved to make music. Music fueled her, she could not live without music. Lulu had deep purple eyes and extremely long orange hair that flowed to her knees. Although it appeared to be straight, Lulu actually had wild curly hair that constantly needed attention. Lulu liked to show a little skin in her outfits, although her master highly discouraged it. She had a very obnoxious, yet fun and caring personality which each came out the second her fingers touched that electric piano.

    Lulu felt the keys and instantly knew something was wrong. "Uh...." she uttered before she realized that the piano wasn't plugged in, which was weird because no one but Lulu was aloud in her room. 'It was probably nosey Zelda, always snooping through others' belongings!' thought Lulu. 'I'll talk with her later.' She really wasn't in the mood to compose anymore, so she just left the room.

    When Lulu re-entered the living room, she saw Melody now sitting upright, just watching television. Lulu gave Melody 'the look,' which meant to Melody that Lulu knew she wasn't telling her something. Melody looked over and saw the expression on Lulu's face, instantly turning red in the face. "I- uh..... Zelda.... s-she wanted some...... to see if.... uh.....""If what?" "You had some.... um... *gulp* cash.... w-we wanted to head over to the carnival but she uh.... spent all of her cash at the roller rink, so she figured she would borrow a couple of bucks... she'd pay you back of course!" Lulu shook her head and rested her forehead in her palm. "... And where is she now?" "I don't know. We didn't go to the carnival, so I figure she's spending it right now."

    Lulu looked into Melody's face. She knew that a face this cute and sweet could not tell a lie. For one, Melody had very round cheeks and round brown eyes. She also had brown curly hair that was pulled into a single side-curl, while the side of Melody's bangs curled over her face. Melody was a very kind and trustworthy girl whom Lulu could count on. "Okay." Lulu pulled out her phone and found Zelda in her contacts. She pressed the "talk" button and held her ear to the phone. Silence.

    Click. "What?" "Do you have my money?" "Relax." "DO YOU HAVE. MY MONEY." "Lulu, I said-" "Stop. Get back here now and give me back my money." "But I spent it on-" "Just get back here, now, please?" "O-okay..." Click. The room was silent again. Melody had muted the television out of courtesy since Lulu was on the phone. Lulu smiled at Melody while also thinking about Zelda. 'I swear, they may be twins but those two are more different than one could imagine'. Lulu nodded at Melody and she returned to her programs.

    Lulu took a quick glance at the clock. 6:34. 'My UTAU friends will be here in less than an hour. I better run to the store and pick up something quick'. Suddenly she had an idea! Lulu got out her cell phone again and called Zelda. "Actually, take my money to the store and buy me something nice to make for dinner!" Silence. "Zelda?" "Okay....." "Are you ok-" The line went dead. "Zelda? Oh wow! She hung up on me." Suddenly Melody's small voice pitched in. "No." "Huh?" "Zelda wouldn't hang up." Knock knock. "Ugh! Don't tell me someone is here, already!" Knock. "Hold on!" Lulu ran to the door. When she swung the block of wood open she was surprised to see two officers holding Zelda by the arms.

    "Um.... is everything alright here, officers?" The officers looked at each other, then proceeded after a slight nod to each other. "Well, we found this here girl out past curfew and have been hunting her down." "What?" Lulu looked at Zelda, surprised. Zelda looked back at Lulu, her resemblance to Melody striking. They both had brown curly hair, but Zelda took care to straighten hers. She also never cut her bangs, only tied them back or let them hang to the side of her face. Zelda had a deeper voice than Melody but the same brown eyes.

    "Well?" Lulu said. Zelda spoke, " Oh, come on! We're freakin' robots. Who's gonna care if we're up past curfew?!?!" "You were gone for 26 hours!" The police officers lowered Zelda to her feet. Zelda laughed and pushed her bangs to the side. "YOLO!!!!" She yelled before slamming the door in the mens' faces. Lulu stared at Zelda. "What?" Zelda asked, "You know I'm just kidding about that 'YOLO' stuff. Seriously, nobody says that." Zelda walked around the corner of the hallway. Lulu stood there, disbelieving. Lulu was always kinda secretly jealous of Zelda's free attitude, her ability to stay out of trouble.

    Zelda was a very free spirit. Zelda was constantly out on the streets being adored by men who she's never remember the names to. She was always given free drinks and food until the late hours where the men would see when they were being used and head on home. Some say she might be taken advantage of by a strong man. First of all, she's a robot so she can kick the living hell out of him. Zelda was also very careful around these men. So careful as to not show them that they were being used and have them come back the next very day, even though Zelda was never really interested in dating. That's pretty badass if you ask me.

    -Lulu's Story, w/ Zelda Akita, Melody Akita, and Onsei Lulu

    Chapter Two: The Dinner
    Send me some info about your UTAU through PM and your UTAU might be on the list for Lulu's dinner party. There are four spots. Also tell me what you think so far! I will write more next Saturday!
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