Possible UTAU reclists in other languages

Discussion in 'UTAU Discussion' started by Alessandra, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Since in this days I'm involved in some strange projects around here and Iraq or somewhat like... I'm kinda wondering what other reclists can be done in UTAU... in other languages. Is it still possible? I guess... so this thread can be an open suggestions for upcoming project (VBs) in other languages (outside Japanese/English/Korean/Mandarin/neolatin ones)...
    Do ou magine a Russian UTAU?
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    Technically, I think a reclist can be done in any language as long as all the essential phonemes are covered. Would be interesting for me to find an UTAUloid singing fluently in other lesser-spoken languages like Swahili or Hebrew.

    As for my native langauge, I think I've seen a Filipino reclist somewhere before but I haven't tested it.
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    Making a voicebank for any language is technically possible if all possible vowel and consonant sounds are know and combination of them.

    Knowing all possible syllables, all possible ending consonants and any consonant+consonant combinations beginning or end of word. For example in English there's "ky" sound in word "cute" of in word test there's "st" at end. Then make a script (aka. Recording list or shortly reclist) so that it covers all sound combinations.

    People usually write reclist so that it repeats a pattern. Like for example CV+CV+C (C stands for consonant and V for vowel). "babab" "kakak" "nanan" "stastast" and so on for every consonant and then do same with "e" "i" "o" and other possible vowels.

    How good sounding the VB turns on depends on voice's voicer skills and authors voice configuration (oto.ini) skills and how well the user handles using of voicebank itself. Some languages like English or Russian are harder to make sound smoother than Japanese because English and Russian has many possible consonant plus consonant plus consonant combinations. The more consonant are in a row, the more difficult it is to make it sound nice or smooth in general.

    UTAU voicebank for Russian does exit. I'm now on phone, so I cannot link right now but once I'm at home, I can link a demonstration of latest Russian voicebank what I have found on SoundCloud. I know also a good Polish UTAU voicebank too (Polish sound structure is similar to Russian by having lot of consonants).
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    I'm working on a Greek CVVC reclist.
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  6. ReticentResolve

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    There's a Russian russian reclist here.

    And I've been working on Native American languages, Sahaptin, Mohegan, etc. The only one currently finished is the Cherokee one.

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