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    Hello Mei-Saime here!
    Along with my UTAU group Azure Voice Studios, I bring a newcomer but with more of a purpose.
    [Project Harukaze] is a project and she (Harukaze) is an upcoming vocalist and a teaching guide. What I mean is that she will be utilized for helping beginner UTAU users the ropes on how to make a VB and how to operate many things in UTAU. She has a beta VB in development and her character will be fleshed out more as I get further into this along with my other projects.
    Her character design is here as well and also has an alternative version of a color pallet.
    You can here as to how she will sound like in this short demo:

    I am thinking of making her CV but I'll announce soon if she'll get more VBs than this. ^^
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