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    This is a thread to keep track of my main UTAU.

    Primary (Product) Name: VoXenuS
    - [The] Voice Within Us
    - Deity of Emotion

    Secondary (Character) Name: Hikaru Yami - 光るヤミ
    - shining, glowing (Hikaru/光る/ヒカル)
    - darkness (Yami/闇/ヤミ)

    VoXenuS is a multilingual, multi-expression UTAU.

    VoXenuS doesn't have a set design or a character, and is free to interpretation. The only fixed information is that he's male. Yami, on the other hand, has a (vast) backstory, but this information doesn't affect VoXenuS in any way (similar to unity-chan! and AKAZA). VoXenuS is the product while Yami is just a character using its voice.

    Phase 1: World Series

    Languages I'm positive about recording
    > English
    > Esperanto
    > French
    > Japanese
    > Spanish

    Languages I'm considering to record
    > Dutch
    > Italian
    > Finnish
    > German
    > Greek
    > Hebrew
    > Korean
    > Mandarin Chinese
    > Portuguese
    > Russian

    Phase 2: Eternal Expression

    Based on the original concept behind Yami, each bank will cover three tones in natural ascension of pitch: Dark, Shadow, and Light. (~F2 - F4)

    Main Banks
    VoXenuS_Eclipse (Natural)
    VoXenuS_Soul/Strong (Power/Solid)
    VoXenuS_Noct/Brittle* (Mellow)
    VoXenuS_Sky/Flight (Soft)
    VoXenuS_Lune/Livid* (Gentle)

    Consdering - extra expression
    (an extra pitch or two on the main bank)

    VoXenuS_Sharp (Weak)
    VoXenuS_Dull (Sharp)

    These banks would not have tone variations


    * - name subject to change

    I'm also thinking of making TTS banks to be released along side the bank for most of the languages.

    > Natural
    > Meak
    > Aggressive
    > Kind

    Below are some samples of that can give you an idea of how VoXenuS will turn out in term of tone.

    Feel free to give any advice, suggestions, or just your general opinion.
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    For the second phase, 5 banks times 3 tones results in 15 different tones (plus 6 more if you decide to include those other two!) That seems like a lot. Will you really be able to to distinguish them all clearly? Also, how many pitches do you think the banks will have, and what languages would the phase 2 expressions apply to? Multiplying all these numbers together, I'm kind of worried about how much there is.

    But hey, at least there's Esperanto!
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    The distinguishing between expressions is something I've been deliberating about recently. I'm considering removing one of the banks (Mellow or Gentle) since over the past few weeks, my voice kind of merged the two of them together. But for the other four expressions, I believe I'll be able to tell them apart.

    Sharp and Dull might end up being an extra pitch for each language and not really a tone for a bank, similar to the extensions, and it would be part for the main bank (Eclipse). Concerning the three tone issue, it covers my natural tone. So, dark to shadow to light. I'm trying to provide extra pitches for each of those tones just in case a user may want to achieve a certain expression at a certain pitch. I probably didn't phrase it properly.

    Phase 2 would be for all languages. Each language will have an Eclipse bank by default and I'll try to do a minimum of 3 banks for each language. To be very honest, I see myself recording all these banks for Japanese and English at the moment. I'm not sure how much pitches each bank will take, mostly because I have no idea how to figure that out haha.
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    Really interesting project!
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    I know this can be in some part nrealistic, but I suggest you to not have accent (or try to not have), because you're doing a multilingual VB, so you have lots of languages, and you have to feel velievable. Sorry for this, becase it's not what I really think... I mean, I can't purely express it... for linguistic barrier ahah!
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    A quick update. The mic is finally here! A CAD GXL2400 USB. You can here me doing a horrible mic check here lol.

    Recording should (hopefully) begin soon, along with tests for tone and pitch.
    Ah, sorry for the late reply! I didn't get a notification for this.

    Each language is being recorded separately as to avoid accent issues. There would be slight difference in accent, when switching languages though I hoping it would be minimal.
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