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    Here's the skinny. I want to get better at vocal tuning, so I'm offering to tune .usts, in the event that you haven't released them yet. I know it's kind of picky, but I don't want to just tune peoples' covers and I'd like to move into collaborations a bit more.

    Tuning Examples:




    As you can probably deduce from these samples, I’m not that good at mixing, so you’re on your own there. I can render the raw vocals for you, or just tune the .ust and return it to you. It’s up to you. Since I'm using UTAU Synth, the default resampler may not be what you're looking for. Of course, if you're unsure, I can send you the .wav, itself, and you can decide then.

    Guidelines / Rules / Suggestions:

    1. If you have an UTAU in mind for the .ust release, let me know which bank it is, so I can tune the .ust accordingly to the voicebank you want to use. Some banks are harder to tune than others.

    2. In regards to 1., since I’m using UTAU Synth, I can’t use a romaji voicebank with a Japanese encoded voicebank. So please make the appropriate changes before sending me your .ust.

    3. I will not be doing .usts that are encoded in anything other than CV and VCV. I don’t use CV-VC banks very often, and I can’t ensure that the tuning will be that good.

    4. Remember that I may or may not accept your request, depending on whether I feel capable of doing the song. I'm not overly great, but everyone's gotta start somewhere.

    5. I'm only going to be tuning .usts for their release. I don't want you requesting me to tune .usts so that you can just post a cover.

    6. Don't expect godly work. I'm just getting back into UTAU, and furthermore, the tuning too.

    7. I am not responsible for fixing up your .usts and / or adding harmony. That doesn't mean I won't, just... don't expect it, unless you ask. I don't mind helping (if I like the song), but we can talk about that via PM.

    Request Form

    Feel free to post these here, or, if you're super secretive, in a PM.

    Username: (ex. PuddingPuff)
    Song Name: (ex. Love is War)
    Song URL: (ex. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1Dqb6uJ8WY)
    Considered UTAU: (ex. Kenage Kaisho VCV)
    Vocal render, or just tuned .ust?: (ex. Both, please.)
    Anything extra to note?: (ex. Try not to vary too much from the original.)

    Accepted Requests

    These may not be necessarily in order. If request 1 has 5 different .usts and request 2 has only 1, the second request might be completed sooner.

    1. Empty
    2. Empty
    3. Empty

    What I Want in Return

    Eh, don't worry about it right now. If you want to give me something, just make an offer. I'm willing to do it for free, atm.
    I might want stuff later, though, so keep an eye on this. (That is, if I get any business under these picky rules.)

    Anyways, things here are subject to change at any time. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to things, so don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite. :smile:

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