Raindrops - A short story

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    A 1000 word so story about a shrine maiden's encounter with a demon.


    Everything stood still. Towering trees loomed over her, obscuring her from plain sight and heavy fog clouded her from seeing anything beyond her two feet. The girl looked rather irritated as she trudged through foliage and twigs. A sharp wind brushed past her. She could feel the chill burrow its way to her bones, and with a frown fixed to her face shivered. Stopping, she took a break to look to the sky. Angry clouds floated above her and rid the sky of all its blue. It reflected Mingzhu’s emotion; however something else came to mind. Rain would be coming and there was any shelter to be seen. If she didn't hurry, her attire would be doused in water. In which that no excuse could save her from hours of lectures.

    “If only Gramps didn't force me to go out today!”

    She stamped her foot angrily on the ground. Alas this was her job, to go out to the darkest, grim places and rid Jinchou from demons. Her grandfather was the town’s shrine keeper, and without consideration assigned his only grand-daughter to play the role of shrine maiden. She was reluctant at first, but grew used to the sounds of shrieks of the beasts and watching them vanquish into thin air. The skies grumbled. She jumped a little, and quickened pace. Her sandals made it hard to run and if she tripped her clothes would be covered in dirt.

    To her dismay, the rain began to pour and the once sacred robes were blemished with liquid. She screamed, if she didn’t act now her death would be sealed. Kicking off her shoes, she ran in hope that she could use anything to shield herself from the tormenting raindrops. Shivering, wet and frustrated Mingzhu lay under the only tree that provided some coverage. All the other were barren almost looking like large sticks.
    Slumping down, her back against solid bark watched the drops plummet to the ground. It soothed her once heated emotions and made her forget about anything ahead. It allowed her to focus on what was around her.
    “What are you thinking about?”
    Shell-shocked, Mingzhu swerved to her right and was now face to face with a boy. He grinned, baring pointy teeth. With one glance she could tell that this was no human.

    “N-None of your business!” she managed to retort back.

    Couldn’t he tell she was a shrine maiden? Most demons would stay 1000 metres away from her. Or maybe he was that dense. Either way, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if not for the sudden downpour of rain.
    “Oh is that so?” His tone of voice seemed to irritate her even further. Trying hard to contain such emotion chose to ignore him and look back upon the rain. Silence returned and the two continue to sit under the same tree.
    “What’s your problem?” the demon suddenly burst out to break the ice.
    “Huh!” “Excuse me but you’re a demon!” She quickly covered her mouth after saying those words. Oops. She spilled the beans and now she didn’t know what he’d do.
    “Are you… a shrine maiden by any chance?”
    “You’re only realizing now?!” “Just take a look at my clothes!”
    “Ah, I see” He still had that same gleeful look on his face. It was so much that it put her slightly off ease.
    “You’re pretty cute y’know?” “And I have pretty high standards” A bright red flushed to her cheeks. Embarrassed, she swiftly turned away.
    “Those who only choose to look upon the surface may never know what’s within!” The phrases that her grandfather made her learn word for word always sneaked into her conversations. She didn’t mean it, but these things were hammered firmly into her mind.
    “That’s why you’re still single”
    “What would a mere demon know about dating anyway?” “Love isn’t the epiphany to life” She sighed with irritation, but the rain still went on. To think she’d spend time next to a narcissistic monster whilst soaked from head to toe.
    “I may be a demon, but even we have our morals”
    “You may want to take back what you said, since it’s not true”
    “So judgemental… I’ll take my leave then”
    He stood up; preparing to leave when within a couple of steps staggered clutching the side of his stomach. The tree shook a little as he slammed his hand upon the trunk to regain balance.
    “W-What’s wrong?” Somehow she had a little bit of concern when demons spoke decently and didn’t act like complete savages. She rushed over to check upon him and using effort to pull his hand away revealed a bloody patch.
    “Who did this to you?”
    “Whaddya think… humans who’d rather want me dead!” He groaned miserably, the pain seemed to increase as time went by. Mingzhu panicked. Everything she believed swirled in front of her until they started clashing, contradicting. Should she help him out? But he’s a demon. If gramps was to find out, they would both rest in peace.
    “Let’s go, I’ll say you were attacked by demons and I found you”
    “Where are you taking me, I don’t need you”
    “It’s either this or I can finish the job myself!” She supported his body weight by putting her shoulder round him. And through the rain and fog and setbacks took one step at a time towards Jinchou.
    “We’re going to be seeing more of each other, that’s one step forward in our relationship”
    “I have no intention of befriending you, this is what I think is right!” “Everything else is out the door!”
    “The hairstyle I spent hours working on!” “Ruined by collaboration between a shrine maiden and the rain…”
    “Would you just shut it and move your legs!” Mingzhu never got this angry, but each word uttered by this boy provoked her to lash out. It was unbelievable how aggravating this person was.
    “What’s your name anyways?” The immense weight of his body even caused her to teeter lightly.
    “It’s Jinhai.” “What about you?”
    Finally the rain stopped. Within the cause of the sudden precipitation, one’s life has somewhat been turned upside down.
    “It’s their fault.” Mingzhu thought to herself. “Thanks a lot, raindrops.”
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