Really odd and spontaneous problem?

Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by ☆彡иα∂ιѕ☆彡, Nov 13, 2016.

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    i was using my utau before i went to sleep last night and i had multiple ust's open bc i didn't know what i wanted her to sing //the struggle anyways, the first few ust's i opened she sung fine. then i closed all but one and opened two more and she wouldn't sing. at all. other banks like shuu, merry, ruko, all of them would sing the ust but mine would not? only in that one ust that i'd had opened from the very beginning //sigh. it sounds like it is just a me problem bc she seems to be working just fine for the people i sent it to to test and see if it works
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    Could you maybe elaborate more on the details of the USTs you used and your voicebank? Such as what recording style your voicebanks is in, what resamplers/format the USTs are in, etc.

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