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    Sometimes when I browse the forum, I ask myself why we have so many different areas that we sorta use for the same purpose. We have art, but then we have UTAU art. We have trade and request subforums within Utaswap, yet those threads are commonly posted just in Utaswap itself. Then we have music, where I see original songs (sometimes featuring UTAU), but then we have original songs/remixes, a place for UTAU works. If I were to make a Vocaloid and UTAU original, where does that go? Additional creativity doesn't have an UTAU tag but original songs/remixes seems more for UTAU itself. Music? We have writing, but then there is UTAU writing nested within a totally different subforum, but "writing" is where I would go if I wanted to write.

    I don't mind so many categories but it would he helpful if they were all interlinked - music has redirects to "additional creativity" and "originals/remixes" (with a note that it is focused on UTAU), art has redirects to UTAU art, etc. I've been here for years and still sometimes get lost!
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