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    Usually I only come around when Shasta doesn't want to do the talking herself, so you can already guess why I'm here. She kinda had an emotional breakdown and is retiring. I'm not sure if she wants me to go into detail why, so if asked I will. I'll be around for maybe the next week or so, after that I'm out as well. The gist is, someone randomly attacked her on twitter, calling her selfish, claiming she throws away all of her friends and cares about nothing but popularity. Since then it's been eating away at her. It was the straw that broke the camels back, it on top of other things just became too much, and hit pretty close to home.
    She tried to hold off to the fifth anniversary, but just couldn't bear to. I don't want to risk starting things, I'm not too familiar with this crowd so please be civil. Me and Echo want to maintain everything so all of her hard work isn't wasted. Kosan, and Kitsune are trying to convince her not to quit.. The rest of us aren't involved in the community like she is, we hide behind the scenes so we don't know what it's like or the emotional burden it is.
    Personally, I love helping her with the project, and I love our little team. With that being said, we're nothing without her. None of us know the mechanics, or really have the time to be as devoted as she was.

    With all of that being said. Shasta says thank you to everyone who helped her along the way.

    Note... Please think about what you say before you say it. You never know what their life is like, and you could end up being the straw that breaks the camels back.
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    Sounds like there's already been a straw that's broken the camel's back.

    Anyway, that's really sad to hear. I don't talk to Shasta much but I used to follow her projects on the Shastaloid wiki for at least a year (it appears to be dead now?). Hopefully she'll feel better and come back some day, but for now, if retiring feels right for her then that's absolutely what she should do. I'm sure you're a great friend to her and I can imagine she needs that support right now, so thanks for watching out for her. Best of luck goes out to Shasta from me, hopefully she'll come back someday!
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