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    Soooo I'm new to this forum and I've never RP'd in a forum like this... (I usually do that over skype, if you want that so we can rp, message me!) But anyway. My UTAU are all monster themed as in they are cute lil nonhumans trying to survive in the modern world. I have a lot of UTAU so... list incoming

    Saul Mintaka
    Age: over 10,000 but physically is 19
    Species: Half Gorgon (think Medusa), half human
    Personality: Very nerdy (as in like he could build a robot from the ground up), often embarrassed by his physical appearance but normally calms down once people around him get used to the whole snake hair deal.

    Haimon Ashbury
    Age: 300+ but is physically 24
    Species: Vampire
    Personality: A flirty idiot who's technologically inept. He's surprisingly good at cooking and sewing.

    Ralein Ssen (last name pronounced es-en)
    Age: 22
    Species: Sea Monster
    Personality: Very unused to human society and language so Haimon had to train him to speak. Because of this, he's much like a puppy. He'll be your friend forever if you feed him and pet him.

    Xylia Zita
    Age: Unknown, but seems around 20
    Species: Dryad (Cherry Tree)
    Personality: Shy at first, but very bubbly once she opens up to you. Just don't hurt her plants.

    Kinzo Ikiryo
    Age: 80+ but physically 23
    Species: Genie
    Personality: Acts like a saleman most of the time trying to get people to wish for things and up his ratings as a genie, but underneath, he's pretty insecure.
    Voice: (about a minute into the song)

    Phew. That's all I can stand to type up. Any takers?

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