Searching for art in exchange for more art lol

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    hElLo. I am juuust about to release my utau's first official voicebank. I have her beta out now thanks to Suyeon who v graciously did her lovely oto :love: my computer hates me and won't let her sing in utau so I have no samples of the new bank personally, but as far as I have checked, she seems to be working fine with everyone else but just hates her creator //sigh

    Anyways, while the beta is in progress, I would love to recieve some art and transparents of her to use in her release video when the time comes :'D

    "But nadis, you can already draw, why don't you just do it yourself??"
    EXCELLENT QUESTION. Drawing is really fun, but it takes lots of time, which I have none of at the moment with work and school :D Plus, I wanna use lots of unique art in her release video ;0; i love the things people put together when they draw my OC's and stuff so ><"

    "Kay that's nice, but what's in it for me?"
    --ANOTHER EXCELLENT QUESTION, MY DUDE. I also can draw, and I can draw your utau for you in exchange!
    "But you just sai--"
    EXACTLY. I'm not exactly free this week, but Thanksgiving break is NEXT week and i have three days off before I have to start working again. c': So I can start drawing then. Keep in mind that the more extravagant your drawing, it will take longerrrr. If you want it done quickly, ask for a chibi or headshot or smth. Even then, it will still take a while so please be patient.

    So as long as you don't mind waiting, I can draw your utau and if you can draw mine. c':

    Here is some art that you should use for reference. My only request is that you don't make her petite. Even though she is short, she is not small. She's pretty curvy #thicc if you will lol. She's got fairly large chest and thighs for her size, and her visible eye is actually red, not grey.

    here is her design by Cign (thank you cign c: )

    and here are some references for her proportions // i tried my best okay


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