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    I'd rather not share too much about what I need help with right now because I don't want too many or too little volunteers to help me out rip

    I'm opening a large UTAU project and I was wondering if anyone would help out within the group. I'm looking for familiar names to me that I know will be able to carry their work, and actually help everyone in the group out.

    Everyone within the group helps each other with literally everything, from oto to designing characters to cleaning samples to pitching their voicebank out there and so much more. My issue with this is that I lack enough volunteers to keep the project going on schedule.

    I won't be recruiting everyone that volunteers here, but if you're interested and you know me, send me a PM. If I trust you, I'll give you a lot more information and see if you can help us out.

    We need people to help with:
    • oto
    • sample cleaning (this involves batch rendering on Reaper, it's pretty simple and I can show you how)
    • art here and there (you can send us a portfolio and we might ask you for something down the line instead)
    • music (demos)
    In return, we all help out with the same things and divide the work evenly for everyone in the group's voicebanks so we can all make it better. We also are going to have a fund for recording equipment in the future, but we're still getting settled (so don't get too excited).

    I know this sounds shady af since I'm not giving out a lot of info atm, but again, if I trust you I'll PM you. Thanks!

    Edit: thanks to the mod who put this thread in the right category, I'm never good figuring out where to post aha
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