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    (Dunno if Video Games or Events, went with Events because well it is one even if I personally won't be attending.)

    Anyone excited for SGDQ 2015???!?! I'm so hype! Hoping we hit $1.5 million this year in donations and I definetly plan on donating! Anyone lucky enough to actually attend? It's too far away so I'll have to content myself with the stream, first time I can watch it live!

    For anyone confused SGDQ stands for Summer Games Done Quick (with the winter event being called Awesome Games Done Quick) and it is a biannual charity event where speedrunners from around the country come together to be the best gamers in the world and earn money for charity. Not only are the causes good and the gaming skills even better but it can be a hilarious event and there are prizes to win as donation incentives. Look up some runs on YouTube (or ask for suggestions, I have plenty), they're mindblowing sometimes.

    For those in the know, kill or save the animals? XD I need to figure out if with my donation I can do multiple things or if I need to donate many times through the event. :p

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