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    I am in a little bit of a rut at the moment when it comes to music so I want to offer some point commissions.

    Each song will be between 30 seconds and 1.5 minutes depending on what you paid.

    Prices Options
    1. 30 seconds - 30 points
    2. 1 Minute - 100 points
    3. 1.5 Minutes - 160 points

    If you want something longer prices become negotiable.

    Here is a small list of types of songs I am confident in doing.
    soft trance
    rock (but i dont recommend because of bad instruments)
    some sort of funk disco hybrid

    I will use your UTAU.

    Terms Of Service

    - Please give or take a few seconds in the song
    - You can provide your own lyrics and art
    - I can write lyrics for free
    - If you require me to do cover art, 400 points will be added to your bill.
    - I expect half of the bill to be paid before I start.
    - All song will be posted on my Youtube account.
    - I hold all rights to the song.
    - Requests to not release work files (ust etc) is allowed.
    - Please be aware that even though I can make Japanese songs, I do not speak the language fully.
    - If UTAUloid is not oto'd to a statisfactory standard, I can offer a quick re-oto for 50 points. Otherwise I will tune the accordingly.
    - All UTAU will be considered.
    - I have final decision on whether I will make you an original.
    - Please do not send points until I have agreed.

    How To Contact Me
    If you wish to purchase a short original from me, please note me (click here) with this form filled in:
    UTAU Name:
    UTAU Example: (soundcloud/youtube link)
    UTAU Design:
    Music Genre:
    Language: Japanese/English/Engrish
    Option number: 1, 2 or 3
    I can provide my own lyrics: Yes/No
    I require cover art: Yes/No
    I agree to pay half of the bill if you agree: Yes/No
    I will pay the rest of the bill when song is completed and on youtube: Yes/No

    By typing my deviantart username I am agreeing to, =EllenWoods (Peachbite, UTAUVocaPeach) Terms of Service: Enter username here.

    If I agree to do a commission for you I will ask for the link to your choosen UTAUloids voicebank.

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