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    this writing is terrible this plot is terrible this is terrible omg omg

    Ahem. I felt that we needed more UTAU fanfics. So I tried to write one, featuring my own UTAU. This is a little short story I had in mind, and I thought of this when I thought of making a fic for my UTAU. I kinda thought this'll expand their characters.
    I wrote this like how they would narrate the story. Their own styles, you know. Yep, I’m practicing my writing. All critique accepted. Go on, I’m not sensitive, and I know I’m not perfect, so yeah. Hope you enjoy this little oneshot, though.

    Reiha's POV

    Alright, nighttime. There’s nothing to do, really.

    As in.

    I look everywhere, and it still looks and feels the same. Like, nothing new. Yuren’s still asleep. Same with Yurai. Big bro Reisuke is still at his work. And so I’m all here, all alone, doing nothing. Oh my goodness, it’s so boring. Yep, big bro Reisuke told me to look after these two, and yet they’re asleep.

    So, like, free time for me? Well, I shouldn’t waste this. With this time I have, I could write a story, even if I’m not a good writer. That’s just like my mom. She likes writing even if she’s terrible at writing… as she describes herself, at least. I haven’t seen my mom’s story writing at all.

    Might as well try and write. I write in my diary, so why not a story?

    The question, what should this story be about? I always keep thinking of what should be about, and then giving up afterwards. I just tried, and tried, and tried. Nothing happened.

    I can’t think of anything original. It’s all from the anime and video game I’ve watched and played. Like, war and stuff. Drama. Romance. Unoriginal.

    So whatever, fudge this, I give up. I’ll just do something else I’m good at. Singing? Mom’s away, so I can’t sing. Sports? I’ll take a break from that. Video games? The same. Like, what’s my other talent and interest anyway? Running around like an idiot? Oh hell no, that’s not a talent. At all. And I’m not interested in that; I don’t wanna be humiliated.

    So like, observe Yuren and Yurai. These “little kids”. Sure, why not?

    I really can say, they sleep like little babies. Yurai is pretty young, in how she looks and acts, so I can really understand. For Yuren, though, it’s kind of strange. He kinda acts like a jerk, no offense for the little bro, but he just does. Still, it’s kinda cute how he looks innocent… when sleeping.

    That’s what I can say for him. To be honest, I can say the same thing about little sis.

    The both of them, when they’re asleep, they’re so innocent and all. But different when they’re awake. Like, really. Yurai is just so active and hyper, she breaks glass things in the house. Sure, she’s young and all, so it’s natural for her to be hyper, heck, she’s much more hyper than I am! Well, as big bro says, at least.

    Yuren. Oh, Yuren. He’s just your local “I don’t care” jerk like those in anime. I can definitely say, he’s a bit of “kuudere” boy. He just acts like he doesn’t care. Acts, okay? Come on, he has feelings too and all. Yet he’s not emotional. Well… he’s pretty mature for a 13-year-old, again, like big bro says. But big bro Reisuke also said that he’s a… a… the d-word… whatever.

    Oh, the obvious things.

    I might as well talk about big brother himself, big bro Reisuke!

    Big bro, he’s the cool one. Being the eldest, he’s the most mature of us four. I really like him… in a sibling way, of course. Don’t you all get the wrong idea. Yeah, I like him, even if he scolds us a lot. Like, him scolding us? Annoying. Really. Usually it’ll be me or Yurai, he only scolds Yuren occasionally. Mostly Yurai. Hey, I can control myself!

    I suddenly hear some sort of scream. I look to the left to see Yurai waking up. She sat up, and panted and panted heavily. “Big sis!” she yelled throughout the room. “I-I-I—”

    Looking at her, I feel like she’s about to cry. I frowned, knowing that she might’ve had a nightmare. And as I expected, she did cry. “Waaaaaah!” she cried loudly, standing up, running towards me and then later, hugged me. “I’m scared! S-S-S-Scary! S-SCARY!”

    Yurai put her head on my chest, and I can feel her tears touching my clothes and even my skin. I hugged her back, trying to comfort her. “Did you have a nightmare?”

    She looked up at me and nodded. At the same time, Yuren woke up from his little “floor sleeping”. He must’ve heard Yurai scream.

    With a little groan, he asked wearily, “What’s going on?”

    “Yurai had a nightmare,” I replied. “Did you hear her scream?”

    “What do you think woke me up? A nightmare as well?”

    I sighed. As always, this is the little brother I have. I then said that he should go to sleep again. But then he said that he’ll go to the kitchen and find some food since he’s a bit hungry.

    “Okay, fine.”

    Standing up, he went outside, with a little silence after that.

    “Big sis,” Yurai said with fear, hugging me tightly.

    “Y-Yes?” I was worried. Of course, when I was young, I experienced nightmares as well. And I have my mom comforting me afterwards. Like those in stories, where you sleep beside them. “Do you want me to sleep beside you?”

    With a little “Mhm”, she nodded.

    I smiled. “Just lie down. It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine.”

    With that, she lied down. I went up the bed, sitting beside Yurai, and ruffling her hair. How it really feels… pretty calm doing this.

    “Don’t worry, Yurai. It’s all going to be alright.”


    Yuren's POV

    Bread, butter, and water, in the middle of the night. Heh, how nice of me. I know I’ve had dinner earlier, but I kind of ate little, so I got hungry again. Now, sometimes I feel stupid. To think, I kind of feel like it right now. I should’ve ate more of that chicken curry earlier. So that I wouldn’t have went here just to get bread. Very good, Yuren, I thought to myself.

    The lights are dim right now. To be honest, I like dim lights a lot. I get that impression of peaceful once the lights are dim. Not dark, not bright—dim, as in. Too dark feels scary, and too bright is like seeing the sun. Like, how I see it at least.

    As I finished eating bread, I soon hear a doorbell sound. Must be big brother, or mother. Or both.

    I stood up and opened the door, and I see just big brother. “Oh, hi bro,” I said. “I actually thought you’re with mother.”

    “She said she’ll be late. Work problems,” he replied. “Heh. Lucky me, I’ve got none.”

    “For now.”

    “Yeah, fine.” He rolled his eyes. “Hey Yuren, how’re your sisters?”

    I pretty much don’t know if they’re asleep now or not yet, but I still answer. “Eh. Probably asleep. I don’t know.”

    Big brother Reisuke sighed. “Ugh, I told Reiha to look after you guys—”

    “Yurai,” I mentioned my little sister’s name, not even bothering to let him finish his sentence. “Look after Yurai. You forgot what you just said, that for my age I’m ‘mature enough’.”

    “Whatever, Yuren. Why are you even awake now? You should be sleeping,” he said as he walked and put his stuff on the table.

    Sitting down on one of the chairs, I changed the topic. “You know, I just realized something.”


    “Did you even notice one thing about big sister Reiha?” I asked. “Whenever she’s not doing something stupid, or even in the mood to do her favorite stuff, she’s pretty mature.”

    I saw that big brother Reisuke had a little smirk on his face. “You realized that, just now?”

    As a reply, I shrugged. “You know, even if you’re my brother, I don’t know all the things about you. Same with big sis, same with Yurai. Just like secrets. Of course, we don't even tell secrets, because they're secrets.”

    “And once they're told to other people, they no longer are.” Big brother smiled. “That is true.”
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