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    IDK I'm a bad writer but i wanted to try doing something different for a change. ; _ ; Originally posted on UTAfic. I'll update chapters sometimes when i get more ideas.

    Ch.1: Arrivals
    It is daybreak over a quaint house in the outskirts of a town surrounded by nature. The air is crisp as it is the brink of Autumn, and there's not a cloud in the sky.


    Residing in this house is a timid young lady by the name of Kakou. Today some of her friends are due by her house for a tea party.

    "Oh, they should be here in about an hour, I need to get ready..! I can't wait to see them, but I'm so very nervous at the same time..."

    Kakou had a feeling something was going to go wrong, but she tried to ignore it as she got ready to bathe.

    As Kakou was putting the finishing touches on a plate of fruit shortcakes, there was a knock on the door. Startled, she threw her icing bag into the air.

    "O-opps! Uh... Who is it~?"

    "The pizza man of course, open up!"

    Kakou recognized the voice and rolled her eyes. She quickly cleaned up the mess she made and ran to answer the door.

    "Geez, took you long enough sweety."

    It was Yura Taenaru, of course he would be the first to arrive. Yura patted Kakou on the head and smiled brightly.

    "It's nice to see you again gal, it feels like it's been months since I've seen you! Have you grown? Looks like you grew a cup size to me~"

    Kakou's face flushed with embarrassment.

    "O-of course not!... Why don't you take a seat and wait for the others to arrive? I'll take your coat!"

    Yura took off his coat and handed it over with a smirk on his face. Kakou shook her head and smiled as he sat at the table near the kitchen.

    Minutes later there were two simultaneous knocks on the door. Kakou quickly answered the door.

    "Hi Miss Kakou~"


    It was Onomichi and Tomo, Tomo looked very happy and Kakou already could guess why. Onomichi looked slighty dishelved and irritated, but was obviously trying to hide it with a small smile.

    "You made lots of sweets didn't you Miss Kakou???"

    "Yes, of course!" Kakou beamed. It filled her with happiness to know anyone was so excited for her cooking and baking.

    Kakou lead them to the table where Yura was sitting and seated them. Tomo was looking around anxiously for the food, but Kakou knew to keep them away from his sight so he wouldn't be tempted to dig in before everyone arrived.

    "I'm sorry, everything isn't ready yet, and we're still waiting for 3 more people... But you can have this Tomo!"

    She handed him a lollipop and he quickly snatched it.

    "Thank you Miss Kakou!"

    She smiled and nodded, then went back to the kitchen to boil water for tea.

    About 15 minutes later there was another knock. Kakou sprinted to the door and answered.

    "Hi! Ehh... Sorry I'm a bit late, I misplaced something and couldn't leave until I found it..."

    "Oh, it's okay Taizo! We're still waiting for two more guests after you, it's fine...Honest!"

    Taizo looked reassured and smiled lightly. Kakou seated him beside Tomo at the table.

    "Nnn... I hope he gets here okay, this is the first time he's come over to visit me..."

    Kakou naturally thought of the worst, but then shook her head to clear the thoughts away.
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    It seems interesting. . . so what is its genre?

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