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Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by znufkiin, Mar 26, 2020.

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    ok so im a noob and i barely started using utau so
    i was able to get teto's whisper to work (like when you click and drag, the little "ahhhhhh")
    but when i opened up a ust, she didn't sing (yes i changed the suffixbroker)
    whats going on?? am i doin something wrong or?? is it the ust??
  3. Aeroza

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    Could you please share a screenshot of the ust you're using?
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    hmm, there could be a number of reasons why she won't sing. my first guess is that you're using the wrong type of ust with the wrong type of UTAU.

    what i mean by this is every UTAU is recorded in a certain way, like CV, VCV, CVVC, etc. Teto's whisper bank is in VCV. it could be the case that the ust you opened isn't VCV aliased. there's a lot of ways to convert usts of different aliases into the kind you want to use, such as plugins, or manually.

    or maybe it's your resampler? i use a lot of different resamplers and have had this issue a lot. sometimes certain resamplers just don't work with some UTAU. although seeing as you're new, you're probably using the default resampler. the default resampler should work fine on Teto's whisper bank.

    screenshots would be helpful too^^
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