The Day We Died

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    Just posted Chapter One a little bit ago on dA, so I figured I'd start a thread for it here too...

    Chapter 1
    dA link:

    It was nearly midnight, the night before the day we died. They didn't keep anything from us; those who felt an obligation to keep us informed. They did their job until the end. Even so, they weren't alone. Others too kept at it, although for some it became only denial. Maybe it would have been less chaos if they hadn't said a thing, but it didn't happen that way. Of course, the chaos didn't start for a little while. Many were still asleep, after all, and many thought something could be done.

    An older person walked around late at night in the large city. Blind, zhe could somehow avoid the crowds with ease. Although zhe got strange looks, which zhe could just about hear, zhe simply ignored them and returned to the solidarity of home.
    Ciel lived a little outside the city, where zhe commuted to for hir small psychic shop. Although the question of what Ciel was came up in almost every appointment, zhe would say "I simply am" each and every time.
    As soon as zhe had locked the door behind hir, the phone rang, just softly enough to not be a nuisence, but loud enough to hear from anywhere in the small house. Ciel didn't have to say a word to whoever was on the other line, as the other person seemed to know Ciel was listening.
    "M-my name's Forrest. I'm a computer engineering intern over at Concino Corp. Um, if it's not too much trouble, my boss would like to ask for your services."
    "What do you need?" Ciel asked tiredly, maybe with a little curiousness in his voice.
    "Um, hang on." Zhe heard the boy ask someone else to talk. When the other person finally agreed, Ciel heard a girl who sounded uninterested.
    "Yo. Aroku Senna speaking. This kid gave me his lunch and I'm supposed to ask you if you can read your tarrots or whatever to tell the future. I dunno how that works. Anyways, you know Concino is the leading company of the future and what not, right? Well, our boss is really supersitious and thinks we just got really bad news. I dunno what it is yet. But, yeah. She says you're the best and you'd be able to confirm it or not."
    "I can try," zhe replied. Ciel told the girl to wait a second, that zhe would let her know what the cards told him.
    Zhe shuffled and dealt. The first card was The World, then the Wheel of Fortune, then Death. Zhe gasped. Although only one of the interpertations, zhe knew it stood out. Bad news, Ciel remembered.
    "Let me talk to your boss," Ciel rushed the girl. When the girl finally handed the phone over, another woman began.
    "It's the world's fate to change. And if you say bad news, it probably will change for the worse." When there was nothing but silence on the other line, Ciel asked "What's happened?"
    "...I'm sorry. If we can further prove it to be true, there's no way you'll be able to avoid knowing."
    "What?" Ciel exclaimed, but the woman had already hung up.

    On the flight to a small vacation visiting friends, they played some movie about ghosts and superheros. There was a girl there who had little interest in the movie, and she simply watched the sky. Perhaps the girl was visiting from overseas, where she had moved for a job but then decided it wasn't for her. Perhaps the only other job available was as a bartender. Either way, it worked and somehow she made enough to live there still.
    The flight was long, and without much to do, she meditated. Sometimes she would look out the window at the night sky, as she was lucky enough to get a window seat. Sometimes she'd close her eyes and let her mind escape.
    She had made small talk with the man sitting next to her. Kaika, his name was. He had told Guren all about his life as a pastry taster and how he had been overseas marketing for his wife who was also a pastry chef. Guren noted the man had lit up when he talked about his wife. He had even shown a picture of her to Guren, and she thought his wife was awfully young. Maybe she just looked young for her age, she didn't question him further.
    The movie stopped mid-sentence and switched over to some news station; Guren wasn't sure which one as a sleeping tall man blocked the corner of the screen. She planned to ignore it, but the flight crew had turned the volume up, and she couldn't. She gave up and watched a nervous looking white haired woman on camera, obviously terrified of what she was about to say.
    "Hello, all," she paused. "Maybe you don't know me. I-I'm Shizu Sogone, one of the heads at Concino Corp. Um, we've recently found a coment headed for Earth. I..." her voice shook. Really, her whole body shook and it looked like she was holding back tears. "I'm sorry I have to tell everyone. We've already tried blasting the thing with missles. Russia even tried destroying it with nuclear weapons, but it seemed to only delay it by a day. There doesn't seem to be anything we can do to stop it. The comet will be here in about twelve hours. It's is large enough and is going fast enough to destroy Earth. We will keep you informed."
    The video switched to a redheaded girl standing in front of a whiteboard. Or at least, it looked like a whiteboard until another video of a comet appeared. It probably wasn't the comet, but Guren could tell no one really cared about that.
    "Sup. I'm Aroku Senna. I'm here to explain what's going on," she announced. "We suspect the comet was normal sized until recently, when a satelite Houston launched crashed into it on its way to Neptune. It took the comet out of its usual orbit, and it collided with smaller comets and asteroids and such. We suspect they stuck together, forming an even larger comet. It kept moving, picking up more and more until it was the size of Venus. Eventually with its original momentum, it started hurdling towards the Sun. It's going so fast it's already orbited the Sun several times in the last month, and is now getting closer and closer. We're still uncertain as to how it didn't remain in the orbit of the Sun. If our predictions are correct, it will crash into Earth in about twelve hours. As we found just yesterday, the nuclear weapons launched into space only dent the thing. We're sending as many as we can on their way to meet the coment and slow it down if not destroy it." She paused, letting the video end and return to a whiteboard. "No guarentees, though. This is all we can think of, and all we'll be able to do at the moment. Many countries have already built think-tanks and will try to set the comet off course. As my boss told you, we'll let you all know."
    Finally, the volume lowered and the pilot's voice came on. It took a moment for him to actually say anything, and when he did, he sounded incredibally saddened.
    "Passengers, I will fly you all to our final destination. If you can, go to your family. I'm sure the rest of your flights will be canceled, though. However, I am willing to fly you personally home if I can. For now, please try to enjoy the last half hour of the flight. It's been a pleasure serving you."
    The man sitting next to Guren checked his watch, and she noted it was 12:14. The man seemed nothing but pissed, his expression locked in a face full of rage.
    "Are you alright?" she asked calmly. She clutched a small lotus she always had.
    "I can't let this thing hurt my wife back home."

    Later, the plane landed safely and everyone got off as if nothing had gone wrong. Guren watched as the man called Kaika sprinted to a shuttle without bothering to get his luggage. She was surprised the shuttles still ran, but she supposed all hope wasn't yet lost. She, too, hoped they didn't face world's end already.
    By the time she retrieved her bags, she found an old friend waiting for her. The boy stood waiting, still with his headphones on. He stood nervously, waiting, afraid of the comet reported. Nonetheless, his expression lightened when he saw her.
    "Hey, Guren," he greeted.
    "Hey, Forrest," she replied.
    "Are you ready?" he asked, to which she told him she was, and they left the airport and towards whatever the day would bring.

    Risu had lost track of time, and now it was a little past midnight. She drove back, exhausted by her day at the school. A few kids had "accidentally" landed in the flower pits after a little scuffle, and the school--wanting to keep its good reputation--required their youngest and most able gardener to stay behind. The school had even made her cancel the club she was in charge of that day.
    She listened to the radio as she sped home, humming along to the songs that played. She zoned out, so when the radio came on even louder and more apparent than before, she jumped. The car swerved into a rail, although the only way Risu knew for sure that's what had happened was because both headlights went out. She jumped out to take a quick look at the damage, only finding it was too dark to see anything. Fearing something out of a horror movie would occur, she decided to drive home first anyways.
    Getting back behind the wheel, the radio talked about how a comet of some sort was headed for Earth. She tried changing the station, only finding each and every station was covering the same story.
    As Risu listened, she grew worried and afraid. She still wasn't entirely sure what was going on, but it sounded like the world was about to be destroyed.
    As she worried and worried some more, Risu pressed her foot on the pedal harder. Her thoughts on the radio station and her headlights both, she didn't even notice the other girl trying to cross the street.
    The dim streetlights only outlined the girl's figure, and Risu only just saw her as she sped closer and closer. She tried hitting the brake, but she was too close. They were going to collide.
    When they did collide, Risu thought maybe just perhaps the car was going slow enough to not to any major damage. But, she got out and ran to the prone figure lying in the street.
    She recognized the girl as Sakura Kankura, a girl from her traditional Japanese dance club that worked as a clerk at the local supermarket. She looked around frantically, seeing no one and nothing. What had Sakura been doing there?
    Risu whipped out her cell phone and called an ambulance. The sirens blared and echoed in her ears and the two arrived at the nearest hospital, where a small team of doctors and nurses took the girl away, and all Risu could do was hope.
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    Me gusta. VERY. MUCHOS. *__________*
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    MAH BABY! D8>

    ...I love this. ouo

    Unrequested critique is unrequested, so it shall be spoiled.

    I notice you have a tendency to use sentences that are...mixed up, I suppose. Not sure how to really describe it.

    Ex. An older person walked around late at night in the large city.

    It would flow better if it were written:

    In the late night, an older person walked around the large city.

    Or, if you're really shooting for eloquence:

    Through the darkness of the night, a lone figure slipped through the city streets.

    But don't think I'm asking for something that fancy. Just giving examples. XD

    On the topic of sentence structure, you seem to confuse verbs a bit, too.

    Ex. ...although the only way Risu knew for sure that's what had happened was because...

    ---that's = that is = present tense
    ---had happened = past tense (also, I think 'had happened' is an incorrect phrase in itself...)

    But...yeah. Just giving grammar Nazi points. The story itself is wonderful, and I look forward to more. :3
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    Oh wow it's really good so far. I can't wait to see what happens
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    I love how is is going *O*
    Oh Kaika, you silly goose <3
    Great job, can't wait to see how this goes ;w;
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    Thanks, everyone~
    @Sakiscookie Thanks for the critique! I'll try to avoid those problems from now on~

    Chapter 2
    dA link:
    The day we died had already begun, and the news spread like wildfire. All eyes were on the group in charge of the research, eagerly awaiting good news. When good news never came, that's when some started to lose it. There were many who stopped caring about the long run and the future, but still there were those who served the rest until the end. Some died early, and some not until it was all over. Still, mostly everyone hoped the research teams would find something that would throw this so-called comet off course and give us all some more time. That's all we could do; hope.
          Sakura awoke in the hospital with a terrible pain in her side. She tried sitting up, only to find she couldn't; it was too painful. She recalled walking home that night, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't remember exactly what had landed her there.
          "Are you awake? Shall I call a nurse?" a feminine voice called from behind a curtain decorated with pastel dots.
          "Who--?" she began, finding speaking came at little difficulty.
          "Oh dear. You know who you are, don't you?" another voice cut her off.
          "Yeah. I'm Sakura--"
          "Well, that's a relief, dear."
          "Who are you?" she finally managed to ask.
          "Me? Call me Saki, dear. Anyways, there was another woman around here. I don't know where she ran off to...probably sleeping elsewhere. It's still pretty early, but this room doesn't have a clock. There's no way to say for sure."
          Sakura grunted. She didn't have the strength to move, and everything felt like it was in a blur. It was all very dream-like, except for the pain. It didn't take long for Saki to finally call a nurse, although it felt like forever before one finally came.
          "I'm sorry, half of the staff here's run off after the news," a girl about Sakura's age rushed in.
          "What news?" Saki asked her. Sakura thought she heard concern in her voice, but instead she noticed she couldn't stay awake much longer.
          "Oh, there's not a television or radio here? I'll swap one from another room. Anyhow, let me take a look at this one over here."
          The edges of Sakura's vision blurred, and soon she identified she had tunnel vision. The distorted nurse began to look more like mashed potatoes than a person. Sakura watched as she picked up the charts hanging on the wall, reading off her name and her cause of being there.
          But by then, she couldn't hear her and drifted back off into sleep.
          If it had been an ordinary day, most of the neighborhood's residents would have been asleep. So of course, when Iris awoke early at one thirty in the morning, she knew it wasn't going to be an ordinary day.
          It had been to the sound of crashing. At first Iris thought there had been an accident, which there sort of was, but it wasn't really an accident. She recognized her neighbor Kaika as he stumbled out of the car. It was like he couldn't move quickly enough, that not even the speed of light would be fast enough.
          Soon enough she recognized Chinji rush out to him. Iris couldn't hear what was going on, not even with the window open, so she put on a jacket and shoes and went outside.
          "Is everything alright?" she asked. It took a second for the couple to realize she stood there, watching them.
          "You haven't heard?!" the man exclaimed. When Iris's expression didn't falter, he explained as much as he could about the comet. As he spoke, he held Chinji close, as if she were going to blow away.
          Iris's eyes widened, and she gaped in surprise. When Kaika finished, the three stood in silence for a good long moment.
          "There's no way..." Iris mumbled. "They'll stop it, right? Right? Of course they'll stop it! Yeah, there should be nothing to worry about," she smiled.
          "I wish I could have your optimism," a different voice called from behind them. He soundeed a little sarcastic, but there was a lot of truth laced in his voice. The lighting was so poor that none of the three had noticed the light haired boy behind them.
          "Tsuki!" Chinji called to him.
          "Heya," he greeted. "I don't suppose you have any mooncakes yet? With all this apocalypse stuff going on, I could use a few."
          "No problem," Chinji let herself smile. "Please, let's go inside. Iris, would you care to join us?"
          "Sorry, I'm really tired. I'm going to go crash for a few more hours."
          "Alright then. We'll see you later."
          "Thanks for the offer," she waved as she headed back home herself.
          For such a night, only one police officer remained at the station. The others had all left on so-called business and emergency calls, and only Megan was left.
          She had been there with the others when they announced the comet, of course. She just wasn't in any rush to get out. She had tried to yell at her colleagues to stick around, that the city would probably need them soon, but no one listened and left anyways.
          "Suit yourself," they had said.
          Maybe an hour after that, a woman dressed in primarily black walked in and introduced herself. Megan recognized the woman from one or two brief enounters, but other than that, had no idea who she was nor why she was there.
          "Hello, miss. I'm Kaiserine Shirokurone, but just call me Lain. I'm a detective from the next city over. I was sent to look into that Concino Corporation, to check on the comet and what not. I've been here once or twice before, but I'm afraid I'm quite lost." Her expression was locked in a deadpan, unfaltering while she spoke.
          "Sure. Concino's on Left Street, just down that way," she pointed right. "Or wait, no. The casino's down that way. You wanna go in the other direction. Actually, why don't you just follow me? I could use something to do."
          "That's alright, miss. I just need a map."
          "Nonsense! Really, just come with me here." Megan took the woman by the arm and pulled her out the door and began on her trek down the street.
          "You don't need to--!"
          "It's fine, you know! I really need something to do. all those other bastards left in the middle of our jobs and wouldn't listen to me. You'll listen to me, right?" she forced a rather mischievous smile.
          "Fine," Lain choked out after a second. "But if we're partnering up today, I'm going to need to know your name. Alright?"
          "Good. My name's Megan Shinaichi." This time she smiled genuinely, and in response Lain's expression seemed to lighten too, if only slightly.
          The two turned back to the street and declared their own little investigation open.
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    Holy poo, batman! This chapter is great! :uhm:
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    Oh my gosh this is great! I loved how this turned out XD
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    I. am. in. love.
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    Chapter Three
    The day we died began picking up in momentum. For whatever reason, the day we died was a perfect day to meet someone new. So many people had foraged new kinships with others, whether it was out of pity or it would have happened that day anyways, it didn't seem to matter. All that mattered was that new alliances were forming. And they'd all go out together.
          Being a smallish city, there was only one hospital in the area. When news of the comet erupted, half of its staff had left early and only a few remained. Each rushed to each patient, seeing as more and more came in by the hour. They did what they could and they managed.
          Despite all the chaos, Mitsuki remained as calm as ever. Being the only real doctor left, he attended to each and every patient with the small team that remained.
          Maybe he considered himself lucky, that if they survived it all he'd be a hero. At least the power wasn't out.
          He met a woman sniffing around, asking the patients that remained awake about what they thought about the news. He assumed she was asking if they still had the will to live, and honestly he didn't seem disturbed by it. But, he went over and asked the young girl what she thought she was doing.
          "Emirii Epikkune," she introduced herself. "I'm a reporter over at Context News. You know, the newspaper company that Concino's been trying to run out. Say, shorty, do you work here? Can I interview you?"
          "Shorty?" he asked, confused by the fact he was taller than her. When she didn't respond, he walked in the opposite direction. When he turned, he looked over his shoulder only to find the girl following him.
          "I heard there's only one doctor still here. Where is he? Is he willing to be interviewed?" she asked loudly. Mitsuki noticed several others staring at the reporter.
          "That would be me," he explained calmly.
          "Really! Okay, then! Mind if I ask a few questions then?" she shoved a recorder in his face.
          "What for?" he asked. "You'd think there wouldn't be any news to report, if by tomorrow we're all supposed to be dead."
          "Ah, they'll figure out a way to stop the thing! You know how these things always go. Plus it's Concino; nothing serious."
          "And you know that place always has news before anyone."
          "I bet it's just their strategy to run us out of business."
          "No comment."
          "Aw come on!" she called as he walked into an office and closed the door.
          "How 'bout this? Where did everyone else go?"
          "They're not fools," he quietly answered. "They had that they'd like to see. You know? Shouldn't you do the same?"
          "And you?"
          "My priority is the hospital. Someone's gotta take care of it, and I figure it may as well be me. Interview over."
          "Fine, fine," she reluctantly agreed. When Mitsuki thought he heard her walk away, he left and resumed his duties.
          Finally the nurse brought in a television for Saki and the girl who remained passed out. She could see she was still alive, but there wasn't anyone who could tend to her specifically. Another woman called Risu had come back to stay with her, at least.
          The nurse called L'Aquila stayed by. She looked worried, like the three would kill themselves. But, Saki realized she forgot the other woman had already heard the news and that was how the other girl had wound up there.
          Apparently all the television stations, regardless if they were news stations or not, kept looping the announcement. Although, there was one children's channel that kept its usual station. It wasn't like anyone was going to bother watching, anyhow.
          The four sat still as they watched the footage of the nervous-looking white haired woman speak.
          Stunned by the first loop, they watched it a second and third time as it began to sink in.
          L'Aquila claimed she had to return to work, and left the television playing for the rest. Risu looked down, avoiding the subject, leaving Saki to talk to herself.
          "That shouldn't be possible," she spoke. "Shouldn't it burn up in the atmosphere? Or shouldn't it melt when it gets too close to the sun? No, well, maybe the rock in it's helping it stay frozen. But still..."
          After what seemed like hours of mumbling to herself (although in reality it was only maybe ten minutes), she asked the other woman to help get her mind off of the comet.
          "How'd you end up here, then?" the woman asked.
          "Oh, well," she sighed, "I'm a seamstress and all. And I was at work when one of the machines malfunctioned and I got caught in them. Tore two of my fingers off and by the time I pulled my arms out, my feet almost got caught as well."
          "Ouch. Sorry to ask. But how did your feet get in?"
          "I tried pushing off of the thing with my feet."
          "Oh. Uh, what type of machine was this? It doesn't sound like anything I've heard of."
          "One of those new fabric weavers. Does it automatically with a computer generated pattern, dear. It worked like a dream for years, but then just a few days ago I don't know what happened and here I am."
          The library was full of people that day. Not from taking shelter, of course, just a lot of students that had fallen asleep. Maihime recognized a boy called Lukas and another called Hikaru, sitting across from one another and their heads resting on their math text books.
          She considered waking the two, but didn't bother. She worked there and would be there for the rest of the day. Despite the news, it was really the only place she felt comfortable.
          Finally, one snored loudly enough and woke the other up. They both jumped up, looking at one another as Maihime fled to the shelves to continue watching.
          Whoever ran the library had put on the news channel, watching it loop over and over on the highest volume the small set could go. Although, the highest volume was only a little louder than a fourth than her own standard television, and that was stretching it. It bothered no one, as not many could even hear it.
          But it was quiet, and the television echoed softly throughout the entire library. Maihime watched the boys listen and take in the news. Perhaps they thought it was just a drama or some other weird show, or maybe they thought it was all a prank. Either way, they ran off claiming they needed to get home before class and left.
          She returned to the back of the library, where a section of books on witchcraft and the like were stored. It wasn't often that someone would check them out, and Maihime was always in the library reading them. Of course, that was only when her boss wasn't nearby and listening. Something in Maihime thought maybe her boss really didn't care in the end. It wasn't like as many people came there to look around at books anyways; just students studying or surfing the web.
          That day, though, it really didn't matter. Her boss had left and returned with a lot of booze in tow and had locked himself in a small closet with too many cracks in the door. She could hear him snoring away, passed out.
          So, she read through as many of the books in the paranormal section trying to find a stop to the comet. If science failed them, then she's want to be the one to stop it. She'd want to be the hero of them all; all with magic in tow. How cool would that be?
          But after an hour, she grew tired and decided a quick nap was in order. She'd get to reading through the rest of the books when she awoke.
    dA link:
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    Oooh. Great chapter.

    Is it sad that I'm waiting to see how we all die? I feel awfully morbid. ;u;
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    oh, there's actually something that came up for Hekine and Kaika
    They aren't married anymore
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    Thanks for letting me know! I hope it's alright that I keep them together in the story for a little longer, though?

    Anyhow, chapter four that's been sitting on my computer for the last two months and I'm sorry I forgot to post it:
    The day we died began picking up. Almost everyone had heard the news by then, and again, some took it badly, and others shrugged it off. Nothing could stop anyone that day.

    Why she had taken the early morning shift, she had no idea. Aika grumbled along as she awoke at only three-thirty to head into work. Too many scheduling issues irritated her, and it was the third night that week where she didn't get much sleep. She considered calling in sick, but she knew she needed the money.
    She readied herself quickly enough, and it didn't take much longer than five minutes to arrive at the restaurant. The restaurant was a cheesy little place that had a drive through and a flashing sign that announced it was open twenty-four hours a day. At one point, there had been a bar in the place too, but it had closed down due to disuse. Little did anyone know, the staff still stored alcohol behind its counter and, when the nights were long, threw little parties with one another.
    But that morning was different. Aika couldn't find anyone there, and she didn't see a note or anything. It was like no one had arrived that morning and those from the last shift had already left.
    She spotted very little out of place. It was cleaner than it usually was, and for a second she thought she was still dreaming. As she replaced a chair or three, another boy walked in. Aika immediately noticed the sword resting on his belt, and grew weary, but the boy didn't seem dangerous in the slightest.
    "Hello, can I get you anything?" she smiled.
    "Miss!" he cried. He looked like he was about to attack and Aika remained on guard, but instead she was met with a hug. It sounded like the boy was crying, almost.
    "Miss, you're the first person I've run into this morning."
    "O...kay?" she questioned. For being so much younger, Aika found he was rather strong. "What's going on?" she asked as he released her.
    "You haven't heard, miss?" he studied her expression to see if she was faking. When it was clear she wasn't, the boy explained as much as he knew from the comet.
    Aika gasped. "What do you mean?" she demanded.
    "It's all over the news, you know?"
    So, she ran back into the manager's office and fished out the remote for the small television that usually played some drama channel. She ran back out, half expecting the boy to be gone, but the boy still stood there just as Aika had left him. She turned the set on, finding that there was no need to change the channel. It seemed like every channel had been looping the same footage over and over.
    But then the television went blank, like the electricity had been cut or a fuse had blown. The ceiling lights remained on, although they flickered as normal. Still, for being so early and dark in the morning, the flickering seemed much more intense and terrifying.
    "Zombie apocalypse," Aika muttered. "We're going to die here in hoards of zombies."
    "Miss?" the boy asked, obviously concerned. "I don't think zombies are the problem here."
    "Boy, what's your name?" she asked, ignoring his comment.
    "Naoki Masato," he replied. "Yourself, miss?"
    "I'm Aika Heion. Well then, Naoki. You know, in all the time I've worked here, I've built up hoards of supplies in case something like this ever happened. Come with me," she pulled the boy along.
    Soon enough, they stood in a basement no one would have ever noticed nor would have thought existed. Piles of wrapped food and a few machetes sat resting against the wall.
    When Naoki was silent, Aika simply told him "Come on, we've got a world to save!"

    Guren had dragged Forrest with her everywhere, simply because she didn't like the sound of leaving anyone on their own that day, not even for a moment. Next on their list of people they needed to visit was a friend Guren had known in school a few years back. Last she had heard, her friend was in the hospital for some work-related injury.
    Forrest drove in the insane traffic, desperately turning and braking seemingly every five seconds. Fortunately, they made it to the city's only hospital in a matter of minutes and they both agreed to avoid driving again.
    When they entered, they found no one running around like they had expected. There wasn't even anyone sitting at the front desk.
    Maybe five minutes later, a nurse ran out of the elevator and down another hall. When she returned, Guren asked her about where she might find Saki. The young nurse gave them a room number and told them to go ahead before she ran off down yet another hallway.
    They reached the room, hearing two women talk about school. Guren entered first, calmly saying her hellos.
    Saki smiled, telling Guren that everything was fine and she didn't need to worry. The other woman introduced herself as Risu, who was waiting with the unconscious girl in the bed next to Saki.
    "It's kinda hard to believe," Saki told them, "that until a few hours ago, everything was normal. I guess some people take this news so seriously."
    Guren noticed Saki shake a little. Although Saki smiled, she seemed a bit terrified. All four of them probably were terrified. But, everyone kept on smiles as if smiling would save them.

    Although he didn't expect anyone to show up that day, Miharu went in anyways. Just in case, he told himself. And indeed, four of the children appeared.
    At the small grade school, Miharu was in charge of the before and after school programs. He met with the four as he usually would, asking where their parents were.
    Kitty and Shina arrived together, each telling Miharu that their parents wouldn't wake up. Waltz lived with his grandfather, who wasn't able to care for him all day long. And Mari had slipped out of the house as she did every morning, as to not disturb her parents.
    Miharu had them play together like usual, finding no sense in alarming them. Soon enough, a neighbor of his showed up to joke with him again. Mizu "ran into" him every morning, just to shoot some joke at him for the heck of it. FOr once, he was amused to see her.
    "Yo, Miharu. I guess the world's gonna blow up, huh?"
    "Not so loud," Miharu shushed her. "Let's not alarm the kids, yeah?"
    "Why are they even here today? Shouldn't they be home or something? Anyways, I wanted to get here before you and set up a trap, but oh well. I don't think you'd be up for leaving the room and coming back in, would you?"
    "No, Mizu. I'm not doing that. What would you try dropping on me in the first place?"
    "Well, I found some old cat litter in the room next to yours like five minutes ago. I was gonna just use that. So?"
    "Aw, you're no fun! Well, I'm out. I'm gonna go see if anyone's still selling food. See ya!" she waved as she ran out and away.
    Miharu waved back, but by the time he looked back, he found all four kids gone.
    "Mizu! Where are they?!" he yelled as he bolted out of the school and ran after her. "Not funny!"
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