The Evil | ザ悪 - A Poem

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    A Poem From The View Of Denki Utadenwa.

    ザ悪 | Za Aka | The Evil

    I slowly dragged my feet
    Through the dusty labyrinth

    No expression
    She stumbled in front of me

    Running for her life
    I simply smiled to myself

    She would never win
    Labyrinths go one way

    And so does she

    I dragged the knife across the fabric of my sleeve
    The seams giving with a pleasing tear

    A gasp
    A thud

    She hit the ground
    Shivering violently

    I wrapped my fingers around her arm and pulled her up
    She looked at me with unsure eyes

    Shaky words slipped from her lips
    "I don't know"

    I forced the knife into her and let go
    Everything overcast in faint light, the blood stained my hands in deep red

    I stood over her pale corpse
    Knowing that I still hadn't won

    No one knew
    No one could answer my question

    I would be here forever, asking it over and over
    and repeatedly leaving the bodies of unwise souls behind

    No one could answer my question
    The question that had no answer

    The question that held me down here in my own personal hell
    The question that strengthened my fist tightly around the knife

    I couldn't bear it anymore
    I turned the blade reversed and stared at the dried blood on the edge

    As I thrust the blade towards myself
    I whispered to every dead body and every lost soul

    "Won't anyone love me?"

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Please feel free to post your ideas of the storyline :D

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