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    Releasing another tn_fnds resampler edit. I call it tn_fndsX.

    Feel free to download tn_fndsX here:

    New flags (case sensitive):
    · X flag : use on specific notes that glitches
    · M flag : specify for multipitch banks
    · L flag : f0 estimation for voicebanks that don't work using original tn_fnds. Must be used with M flag.
    (accepts 0~10: default 5) - number represents how much you want to allow pitch to fluctuate

    W flag has been updated to work with M flag.

    I have cut my explanation short because I feel that my previous resampler release post was too lengthy.
    Read the read me file included in the download for a more in-depth explanation of flags.

    Possible FAQs
    Where's the TLDR? I don't understand the flags.
    In general, these are the flag combinations to be used
    X : For small glitches
    XM : For stubborn glitches if X by itself doesn't work
    XML : Wrong pitch estimations AKA Ambulance noises
    W100M : A substitute for XML which runs faster but is more likely to sound robotic (depending on VBs)

    Question: Why can't you just make the flags work by default?
    My intention of creating tn_fndsX is not to change any part of the original tn_fnds but to just improve it slightly.
    The original tn_fnds works well if the VBs are compatible. The XML flags disturbs this compatibility.

    Question: I am using a monopitch bank and M flags do not work. What do I do?
    Use this website:
    Specify a number corresponding to the pitch of your VB after the W flag.
    E.g. If you recorded the pitch at E4, use W330
    If you are still confused, feel free to contact me for more details.

    Question: Any examples of XML flags working?
    I mean why not

    Credits to azazel who made the original meme (?)

    Feel free to contact me at my twitter @UtauZany for any other questions.

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