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    I think i'll take a chance and share two stories that i've roughed out in the last two years. These are stories with a good bit of, what I'm aiming for, realism. My goal with both of these stories is to make you feel emotion at all times. Especially at certain parts.

    I have not continued much with the story mostly because I haven't really had any time. I will pick it up from time to time, though.

    There will be four stories, total, when I finish writing. I do have the third story in this short-story saga in the works and the fourth one is fairly sketched out. I'll go deeper into detail when I near completion of these stories.

    They are PDFs so you can take your time reading them if you decide to. Hope you like them :smile:

    EDIT: don't mind "The Vulpine" in the top left of each title page... I forgot to change the title on those x)


    STORY 2: ANTHRO - Living Glory (might change secondary title)

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