WIP Critique Requested 失う(Ushinau)【桐山ルアン 】

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    Just a test, the soft voicebank used in this cover was not done a re-work yet so it keeps ringing strange, but the normal voicebank is practically.

    I wanted to do this cover with my new voicebank that I am working on because the autoCVVC does not want to cooperate with me and adapt this UST to the hand of much work I will not be able to use the voicebank CVVC that for my WIP not released with this music was very good.


    Song: Ushinau
    Original: Vy1V4
    Music and Lyrics: Puroperin
    UST: Yhandere
    Mixing: Me
    Vocals: LUAN Kiriyama v2.0 Normal and LUAN Kiriyama V1.4 soft
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