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    Ok so I don't know what happened to my original post, but I'm going to assume it was deleted because I can find it. Anyways, in my old post, I discussed that I was going to restart the United-UTAU rankings. I wanted to start one for this month.

    Rules can be found here

    Please share this post as much as you can as I need to have a lot of people participate. If submissions are really low than I might pool from the Song Cover forms from here and/or get pledges from you guys that are interested in participating. If thats the case then I will create a join thread so I can know who to look for when the time comes to start ranking. I guess this also eliminates y'all for having to create a Deviantart account if you didn't have one already (I didn't think about that)

    Here's an example of the old rankings. The format will be similar as far as tallying up scores

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