Utau and Voice Provider Comparison

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    This video is of a Jinriki utau. The voice is America from Hetalia. Remarkably, the utau sounds almost exactly like the character.

    Hetaloids, (Hetalia UTAU) tend to have voices that match closely with their character and are (usually) instantly recognizable.

    In comparison, Rev made a Jinriki utau based on Spongebob and in my opinion his voice though similar at times to his namesake character wouldn't even be recognized as Spongebob unless Rev hadn't specified his origin.

    So why is this? I don't have any good or worthwhile theories but I would love some opinions.

    Also for comparison,

    (Japanese) Utau Ritsu and his voice provider, Kanon

    (Overseas) M.I.D Productions and her utau, Kuroakuma Haruyami at 2:34
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