UTAU not producing sound? Help please!!

Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by Kitan, Jan 12, 2020.

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    I started using UTAU on my laptop, and it worked fine then. However, now I'm trying to use UTAU on my desktop and it isn't producing any sound? Here's a checklist of what I've done:
    -I've changed my locale and region to Japanese
    -Checked my decimal thing and its fine
    -uninstalled and reinstalled UTAU
    -running as adim

    There might be some things I've tried that I missed, but I've been at this for a few hours trying to get this to work. Samples don't even play when I click the sample button. My computer's audio works fine as well, and I'm at a complete loss of what to do. Please help! I really want to keep using UTAU, I have an UTAU I'm working on and I want him to be completed >^<

    Here's my UTAU if anyone is interested, he's not fully complete but he has a decent amount done!
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7aqkhbu7es1vi6/水島ホタル(AXIS) beta.zip?dl=0
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    Sometimes the Resampler you're using affects the Program, or if you're using an antivirus, it might of taken some permissions of the program away.
    You can check the permissions by right-clicking on the program. it could also be that you're using the wrong encoding or the UTAU is corrupted. Or maybe the Desktop isn't compatible with UTAU.
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    A bit more info would be useful for us. Also, move UTAU out of Program Files (x86) and put it in a non-admin location, such as Documents. It'll make your life a lot easier later on.
    - What UST are you using? Please try to link to it, or dm it to me privately if you reupload it.
    - Do no USTs play, ever? Or just the one you're trying to use?
    - What did you record your UTAU with? Your wav files need to be a at a sample rate of 44100Hz to work with UTAU. You can put them in Audacity and change the sample rate there, then reexport them.
    - Please share a screencap of the UST loaded in UTAU with your vb as the singer.

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